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Emily Frlekin

Emily Frlekin is a well-known actress and celebrity wife who rose to prominence following her marriage to J.D Pardo. J.D. Pardo is an American actor who has been in several films and television series and is well-known for his outstanding acting abilities. Frlekin works with the Black Card Circle Foundation as a skilled project manager. […]

Kara Royster

Kara Royster is a well-known model and actress who has been in several television episodes, including Hand of God, Scream Queens, Faking It, and others. She rose to prominence as the lead character after portraying Jasmine in Hayley Kiyoko’s song Gravel To Tempo. Bio On the 5th of October, 1993, Kara Royster was born in […]

Jaden Shackelford

Jaden Shackelford is a professional  American College basketball player who plays for the Alabama Crimson Tide of the Southeastern Conference. His position in the team is Point guard/Shooting guard. Jaden was named the Mojave River League MVP and Daily Press Basketball Athlete of the Year. Early Life Jaden Shackelford was born on February 14, 2001. […]

Tracy Scoggins

Tracy Scoggins is a well-known American actress, writer, and producer recognized for playing Colonel Elizabeth Lochely in the 1998 television series “Babylon 5.” Scoggins also played Gilora Rejal in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine television show. Bio Scoggins was birthed to trial lawyer John Scott Scoggins and tennis champion Lou Cille Scoggins, who graduated […]

Ruby Jerins

Ruby Jerins is an American actress who has appeared in several films and television series but is most known for her portrayal as Caroline Hawkins in Remember Me. Her mom is an actress, while her dad is an artist and musician. Aside from that, her older sister followed in her mom’s footsteps and was featured […]

Jovan Arriaga

Jovan Arriaga is the renowned son of Suzette Quintanilla, a famous pop singer, and percussionist. He is also well-known for his late aunt, Selena Quintanilla, a Mexican singer. Arriaga is a renowned child who is focused on his schooling and has gained notoriety due to his mother’s striking appearance and smile. Bio Jovan Arriaga was […]

Mathew Gisoni

Mathew Gisoni is the stepbrother of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, who are well-known reality stars. He is Michele’s twin brother and Melissa Gisoni‘s stepchild. Bio Mathew Gisoni was birthed in the United States. However, it is unknown when he was born. Greg Gisoni, his father, and his mom, whose name has yet to be established, […]

Alberta Dornan

Alberta Dornan is an English celebrity child. She is well-known in the entertainment industry as the youngest daughter of the Irish actor and model Jamie Dornan and his wife, Amelia Warner. She has been stealing the limelight even before her birth as her parents shared the joy of welcoming her through extraordinary ways. Please stick […]

Sarah Minnich

Sarah Minnich is an American television personality and actress. She has worked on many different movies and television shows throughout her career. She is best known as Ginger Galanti from the crime drama television series, Briarpatch. Additionally, she has also handled a lot of recurring roles in her career. Please stick with us to know more […]

Josha Stradowski

Josha Stradowski is a Dutch actor as well as a model. He is best known in the movie industry for playing the recurring role of Rand al’Thor in the action television series, The Wheel of Time. He has been a famous face in the Dutch movie industry and worked on various Dutch television series and movies throughout […]