Troy Winbush is an actor who is a very popular face in the television industry. With his debut performance as an actor coming in the year 1987, he has been in the show business for over three decades. He has made numerous on-screen appearances and has also played a lot of recurring roles. He is famous for appearing as Denny in the comedy, family, romantic television series ‘The Cosby Show.’ Likewise, another one of his most famous roles came when he played the role of Welch. He portrayed this role in the action, crime, drama television series ‘CSI: Miami.’ So, here are some interesting facts about the actor that you probably did not know.


1. Troy Winbush is an American

Born on 12 March 1970 in Manhattan, New York, the United States of America, he is an American by nationality. Manhattan has been home to numerous famous actors and actresses like Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. This 51-year-old actor is among the many talents of Manhattan city. However, he later moved to Los Angeles to work on his acting skills and become a professional actor.

Troy Winbush
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2. Troy’s acting career has an exciting story

As a child, Troy never thought that he would go on to become a successful actor. Unlike other actors who have been passionate about acting since the early days of their childhood, he was a class clown and a constant troublemaker during his schooling days. His mother, Betty Winbush, knew all of his mischiefs, but then she saw a spark amongst his mischiefs. So, she decided to enroll him in acting classes, and this worked as he went on to earn a lot of name and fame for himself.

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3. Troy is a father of 2 Kids

In addition to being a talented actor on-screen, he lives a happily married life off the screen with his wife, and her name is Monica Doizer. The pair have also welcomed two children from their relationship, and their names are Melodie Winbush and Harlem Winbush. He is a talented actor as well as a loving husband and father. He likes to spend as much time as possible with his wife and children when he is not caught up in work.


4. Troy’s sister is also in the acting business

Troy Winbush is the elder brother of Camille Simone Winbush, an American actress. Born almost two decades after his brother on 9 February 1990, she followed her brother’s footsteps into the show business. People recognize her for the portrayal of the role of Vanessa Thomkins. She played this role in the American sitcom, ‘The Bernie Mac Show.’ Furthermore, she also contributed her talent in the American teen drama series, ‘The Secret Life of the American Teenager.’ She played the recurring role of Lauren Treacy in the series.

Camille Winbush
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5. Troy wants to inspire others

Troy Winbush as an actor, a husband, a father as well as an inspiration to numerous young talents. He wants to make sure that people who are struggling with their dreams achieve them in the future. He has actively worked with today’s youth and inspired them to pursue their dreams no matter what. He also encourages them to be good and do good as they are.


6. Troy raises awareness about cancer

Troy Winbush likes using his fame and reputation to raise awareness about one of the major problems in today’s world that are cancer. He actively participates in creating awareness specifically about cervical cancer and breast cancer.

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7. Troy is a huge fan of Chris Rock

Troy Winbush is a massive fan of the American stand-up comedian, actor, producer, and director Christopher Julius Rock, better known as Chris Rock. He is famous as one of the cast members of the late-night comedy show ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Troy mentions that he takes a lot of his comedy through Chris.

Troy Winbush
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8. Troy almost starred alongside Madonna

During the initial days of Troy Winbush’s career, he got a chance of playing in the movie ‘Who’s That Girl’ that starred the American singer and actress Madonna. Unfortunately, he lost this opportunity which could have been the breakthrough and a memorable moment of his career when the show decided to re-cast the cast members after relocating to Los Angeles.

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9. Troy has been a part of a lot of police procedurals

Troy Winbush has played many interesting roles throughout his career, and most of these came in the series of the police procedural genre. He has been a part of numerous series like ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ ‘NYPD Blue,’ ‘Law and Order’, and ‘CSI: Miami’, which focus on the legal police procedures. As a result, this genre has recurred for the actor a lot throughout his three-decade-long acting career.

10. Troy’s net worth is in the millions

After working in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, it is obvious that Troy Winbush has managed to earn a lot of money. He is a successful actor and a popular figure in the industry too. He has also actively appeared on numerous awareness programs and campaigns in his career, earning himself a good reputation. As of the year 2021, he has an estimated net worth that lies between $1 million and $5 million.


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