Ife Sanchez Mora is an American singer. She is famous for her song ‘Fire Inside Me.’ But apart from her singing career, she is immensely popular as the ex-wife of Aaron Sanchez, an American celebrity chef. The pair had tied their knots in 2009 and stayed together for over three years but then sadly separated. Please stick with us to know more about their relationship and why they divorced.


How Did Ife and Aaron Meet?

Ife Sanchez Mora has not shared the exact details regarding their first meeting. Likewise, how they met is also a mystery, but according to online sources, they dated for a long time before their wedding. She used to perform and sing, and he was a celebrity chef famous for his versatility in cooking.

Ife Sanchez Mora
Aaron and Ife’s Wedding.
Image Source: bridaltweet.com

After dating for a long time, they finally decided to tie their knots in the year 2009. Unfortunately, she has not shared much information about her wedding at the moment. But we do know that the two of them welcomed two children after their marriage. Their names are Yuma Sanchez and Sofia Piana.


Why Did They Separate?

Ife and Aaron have not talked much about the reason behind their divorce. However, Aaron did mention in an interview with ET Online that his career cost him his marriage. He also said that he was unable to give much time to his family, and this created problems in his married life. They finally separated in the year 2019 due to irreconcilable differences.