Adam Wade Gontier is a well-known personality in the music industry. He drew a lot of attention towards himself when he began appearing as the lead singer of the Canadian rock band, Three Days Grace. He is currently working with his band called Saint Asonia, but he is still famous as Three Days Grace’s former lead singer and rhythm guitarist.

Adam Wade Gontier is one of the founding members of the band alongside his bandmates, Neil Sanderson, Barry Stock, and Brad Waist. They made their official appearance as a band in the year 1997, and their music is still popular today. Adam and his team have worked on several hit albums and songs since their establishment in 1997. Please stick with us to know more about the band’s success and their albums.

Adam Wade Gontier
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Adam Wade Gontier’s Net worth

Adam has been able to make a huge contribution to the world of rock music through his songs and albums. Rock music fans know him well, and they can also relate a lot of his songs with their own lives. He has worked hard to garner success in the music industry.

As of the year 2021, he has an estimated net worth of around $12 million.

Adam Wade Gontier’s Hit Albums

Adam Wade Gontier initially worked with the American rock band Daughtry on their second album, ‘Leave This Town’ in 2009. Daughtry’s lead singer, Chris Daughtry, collaborated with numerous artists like Chad Kroeger, Ryan Tedder, and Trevor McNevan on this album. The album was a massive success as it managed to top the charts in the United States of America and grabbed second place in Canada.

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Likewise, Three Days Grace was also able to rise to prominence with their first three albums. Their debut album, ‘Three Days Grace,’ grabbed the ninth position in Canada while selling over 2 million copies. Furthermore, their second album, ‘One-X’, came three years later in 2006 and grabbed the second position in Canada.

It managed to sell over 3.3 million copies of itself. Songs like ‘Animal I Have Become’ and ‘Never Too Late’ were the most liked songs on the album. Moreover, ‘Animal I Have Become’ talks about Adam’s painkiller addiction. Likewise, their third album, ‘Life Starts Now’ was also a super hit album, and they grabbed second place yet again with his album.

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