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People are becoming more choosey about the movie they watch. It has also created an opportunity for the filmmakers to make the film more watchable. Every filmmaker wants to make the movie more exciting and unique.  Every actor needs to give their soulful effort to create magic on the screen. An actor might have to focus on many things rather than acting. Similarly, with different roles of the actors, an actor needs to acquire various kinds of skills. Learning a new language, horse riding, dancing, singing, playing musical instruments, physical training, and any more are some of the skills that are demanding. 

Although one can easily skip these steps with the help of the technologies and body doubles, performing these skills by the actors increases realism. It also increases the confidence of the actors and shows their passion and determination for the acting. Similarly, action movies are also one of the highly watched genres of Hollywood. The uniqueness and creativity used by the action directors in the film are quite extraordinary.

Quick Info
Full nameAimee Sandimés Garcia López de Ordóñez
Date of BirthNovember 28, 1978
Birth placeChicago, Illinois, U.S.
Parent(s)Hector and Eloisa
Net WorthUS $2 million

There is a high amount of risk while shooting this action sequence. To keep the life of actors in priority, movie makers also prefer using body doubles. But most of the actors perform their stunts by themselves. This kind of initiative of the actors not only increases the value of the actors in the industry but also becomes the plus point for the promotion of the movie.

Likewise, Aimee Garcia is one of the actresses to push the limit of her passion of acting for herself by performing her stunts. She is famous for performing her actions in most of her projects. Aimee has also shared in an interview that Aimee is very fond of taking different kinds of roles. And she founds every part in itself challenging.

People know Aimee Garcia for her role in the television series like “George Lopez,” “Lucifer,” “The Nutcracker,” “Cadet Kelly,” and many more. Aimee has been passionate about her roles. She is always ready to take any training to create an impact on the screen. Aimee has also been part of many projects to reach the stardom. 


Early Life

Aimee Garcia came into the world on November 28, 1978, in Chicago, Illinois. Her father’s name is Hector. He was in U.S. Armed Force. Aimee’s mother’s name is Eloisa.  Aimee spends most of her childhood in Oak Park, Illinois. 

Aimee Garcia


Aimee did her schooling in Fenwick High School. Aimee began taking acting classes during her school days in Piven Theatre Workshop.  She is a graduate of Northwestern University’s Dental School. Aimee also majored in the other three subjects viz. Journalism, French, and Economics during the university.

She used to act in the local musicals and plays during her university days. But Aimee decided to hold a job after the completion of her university.  She started working as finance working as a mutual fund analyst in New York. The job slowly started to become less attractive. Then, Aimee shifted to Los Angeles, California, during 2002 to focus on her acting career.        


 Aimee has been part of the industry since her childhood days. She was actively participating in commercials since an early age. Aimee started her official acting career from the series “Greetings from Tucson.” She portrayed the role of Maria in the series. Aimee was also part of the pilot episode of “Global Frequency.” Unfortunately, the episode didn’t broadcast. Then, Aimee got the opportunity to become part of the movie “Cadet Kelly” in 2002 after moving to Los Angeles. It was Disney’s movie. Then, she was part of the situational comedy “All About The Andersons.” Aimee appeared in the series “George Lopez” in 2006. 

Aimee Garcia narrated the movie “Spanglish” in 2004 and appeared in “D-War” in 2007. Likewise, Aimee was part of “Major Movie Star” in 2008. It was a comedy-drama.  Aimee was part of the medical drama “Trauma” from 2009 to 2010. In the movie, she performed most of her stunts. It became a great learning experience for Aimee.

Aimee Garcia

Aimee Garcia was also part of the series “Dexter.” Aimee was part of the show for three years. She even received nominations of the “SAG Award” for the category of “Best Ensemble in Dramatic Television Series.” Aimee was also part of the movie “RoboCop” in 2014. She increased her acting skills in the series like “Lucifer” in 2016 and “Hollywood Reporters” and movie “El Chicano” in 2019.

Moreover, Aimee has also co-written a comic book series titling “GLOW vs. The Baby Face.” IDW Publishing published the book in November 2019.  The comic series titled “Dungeons & Dragons” is about to release in October 2020.

Relationships/Personal Life

Aimee is very conscious about her personal life. She has been successful in keeping her private life only to herself. It seems like Aimee wants to enjoy her private life on her own. Likewise, the relationship status of Aimee is single in the present day. There is also a rumor of Aimee being in an unmarried relationship before.

Social Media

Aimee Garcia is quite active in social media platforms. She goes with the name of “aimeegarcia4realz” on Instagram with 2.3M followers and “@Aimee_Garcia” on Twitter with 333.4K followers. Aimee also has a Facebook page with the name of “Aime Garcia” with 930K followers.

Aimee Garcia
Aimee Garcia

Net Worth

Aimee Garcia has been part of the industry for more than two decades. She has been part of the television series, movies, and commercials. According to the evaluation of her projects and celebritynetworth.net, Aimee Garcia has an approximate net worth of $2 million.

Nutshell Bio

The nationality of Aimee is American. Her current age is 49 years.  The ethnicity of Aimee is Puerto Rican and Mexican. She has an average height of 5 feet 1 inch with a complimentary weight of 56 kgs.