Andrew Scott Zimmern is an American celebrity chef and a television personality. He has grown immensely popular for hosting the “Bizarre Foods” series. He is well-known as one of the most reputed chefs in the world. He also handles his own YouTube channel (Andrew Zimmern Cooks), where he features mostly cooking miniseries. Please stick with us as we talk about the love life of this famous chef.


Who is Andrew Zimmern’s Wife?

Rishia Haas is an administrative assistant and beekeeper by profession. She is well-known in the media as the loving ex-wife of Andrew Zimmern. The two of them first met when Rishia was working in a cooking school. Both of them shared a passion for cooking, which worked as a glue that stuck them together. They began dating, and before long, the wedding bells rang for the couple on 26 December 2002. They even welcomed a son following their marriage. His name is Noah Zimmern, and he is currently 16 years old.




What is the Truth Behind His Failed Marriage?

Everything was going great for the couple, and they shared a strong relationship of 16 years. Unfortunately, things began worsening for the couple, and in the year 2018, they decided to go their separate ways. Their separation was inevitable, but they were mutually positive about their situation.

Andrew took the full blame for their broken relationship upon himself. He stated that he could not give any time to his family due to his busy work schedule. His wife gave him many chances to make things right, but things did not work out for the two. He mentioned that Rishia Haas is the strongest woman he has ever seen and credits her for staying together with the family even through the toughest of times.

Further, he also mentioned that he would reconcile for his mistakes and his failed marriage. He wants to be there for his family and be the best dad and ex-husband. He opened up about his love and interest in a gay lifestyle. He grew up alongside two fathers, and this sprouted seed in the chef for adoring the gay lifestyle. 


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