Antonella Nester is a famous media personality. She is well-known for staying fit while laughing all her problems away. She is a fitness enthusiast as well as a host for the QVC channel. Fans love the positivity she brings with the delightful way she talks and a huge charming smile on her face.

However, things were not always great for Antonella Nester as she has had a fair share of ups and downs in her career. Her initial source of income was through selling pencils. She put all her dedication and efforts into her work but it was not much productive. She was hopeless with her career and her life felt like poison for her.

Fortunately, tables turned for Antonella Nester when she began working for QVC and started making appearances on television. She started her journey as a newbie at QVC and rose to the very top of her profession. She also began garnering a lot of attention as a fitness freak. She likes discussing her fitness techniques with her fans and talks about how she maintains her body.

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However, Antonella faced a lot of problems down the personal side of her life. She is currently married to her long-time boyfriend and his name is Chris Nester. The two of them met during their high schooling years and have been loving each other ever since. The couple together welcomed three children – one daughter and two sons from their wedding. Their sons’ names are Michael Nester and Philip Nester. Likewise, their daughter’s name is Hope Nester.

To make matters worse, Antonella is also currently fighting a battle against cancer. Please stick with us to know more about her disease and her current condition.

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Antonella Nester Cancer Update

Antonella Nester is currently suffering from breast cancer as well as non-Hodgkin lymphoma. She has to undergo a lot of treatment which includes chemotherapy and also radiation treatments in the hope to kill cancer. However, she has not shared much information about the details of her treatment. But according to other people who suffered the same fate, mastectomy or lumpectomy is the most appropriate treatment to cure breast cancer.

Antonella Nester
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Talking about the recent updates on her condition, Nester has a lot of support from her fans, family, and friends. Her close friend, Jayne Hansen also created funding in order to help her financially. She uploaded a video on YouTube where she announced that the fourth and final stage of her chemotherapy treatment came to an end. She regularly posts about her condition and this includes videos regarding every stage of her chemotherapy. According to her, the second chemotherapy was intense and tough but she was able to complete the treatment. She also thanked her fans for constant love and support.


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