Randy Havens

Everybody is familiar with the popular Netflix series Stranger Things, released in 2016. But, talking more about this science fiction horror drama series, it received several prestigious accolades, and the critics also had an average review of it. One of the casts of its series is Randy Havens. He is an American actor who has […]

Tobias Jelinek

Tobias Jelinek is an American actor. Since his debut appearance as an actor in 1993, he has worked in over fifty movies and television series. He is a talented actor who has been a cast member of popular shows throughout the professional journey of his life. Some of his most notable works include series like Stranger […]

Catherine Dyer

Catherine Dyer is an American actress, director, and producer. She began her career in the entertainment field in 1993, and to date, she is working in the industry actively. Likewise, Dyer came into the spotlight in 2008 after she appeared in the television series Army Wives, where she played the role of Margaret Riley. This […]

Mark Steger

Mark Steger‘s full name is Mark Donald Steger. He is an American actor, producer, director, and choreographer. He has been a member of the entertainment industry for over three decades and has contributed his talent to various sectors. He is famous as an actor and has received over thirty-five acting credits. Some of his most […]

Andrew Tinpo Lee

Andrew Tinpo Lee is an American actor. He is a veteran actor who has appeared in over forty different movies and television series. Since his debut appearance in 2001, he has contributed all of his time and efforts to movies and television series in Hollywood. He has been a cast member in television series like […]

Gilberto Ortiz

Gilberto Ortiz is an American actor. With his debut performance coming in 2015, he has actively participated in different movies and television series. Furthermore, he has successfully recurring roles in television series like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Never Have I Ever. Moreover, he has recently been stealing the limelight after being a cast member of […]

Aitana Rinab

Aitana Rinab is an American actress and model. Since her debut performance in 2011, she has appeared in eight television series and movies. Furthermore, she has also handled recurring roles in television series like Unstoppable and Christmas Flow. However, she recently stole the limelight after appearing as Zoe Maytag in the Netflix drama series Never Have I […]

Rushi Kota

Rushi Kota is an American actor. He gave his debut performance in 2010 and had been working in the entertainment industry for over a decade. Furthermore, he has appeared in multiple recurring roles throughout these years and has been a cast member of major television series and shows like General Hospital and Grey’s Anatomy. However, Rushi […]

Jack Seavor McDonald

Jack Seavor McDonald is an American actor. With his debut performance coming in 2012, he is still a new face in the entertainment industry and has not portrayed many major roles. However, he rose to prominence after playing the remarkable role of young Bertram in the 2021 series Why Women Kill. Likewise, his minor appearance […]