Yolandi Visser

Yolandi Visser is a South African rapper. She is well-known as the vocalist for the South African hip-hop band, Die Antwoord. In addition to this, she was also a member of the South African music band, MaxNormal.TV back in 2008. Apart from her musical career, she has also appeared in numerous movies, including ‘Chappie’ in […]

Lee Boxleitner

Lee Boxleitner is an American director, writer, and producer. He is famous for his work as the editor of the short horror movie ‘Die! Sitter! Die! Rupert!’ in the year 2015. But he is even more popular as one of the three sons of Kathryn Holcomb, an actress, and Bruce Boxleitner, an actor. With a […]

Dakota Brinkman

Dakota Brinkman is an occasional American actor. He is immensely popular in the entertainment industry as the son of Bo Brinkman and Melissa Gilbert. Both of his parents are well-known figures in the acting field. Besides this, he has also appeared in numerous movies like ‘Laws of Deception’ and ‘Safe Harbour.’ Please stick with us to […]

The Untold Truth About Jordan Belfort’s Ex-Wives

Jordan Belfort’s full name is Jordan Ross Belfort. He is an American author, motivational speaker, and stockbroker. In addition to this, he also drew a lot of attention when he tangled himself in a fraudulent case of stock market manipulation. Apart from this controversy, he is famous as the author behind the popular novel, The Wolf of […]

Alex Høgh Andersen

Alex Høgh Andersen is an actor, model, and photographer from Denmark. He is immensely popular for portraying the role of the Ivar the Boneless. He played this central role in the historical fantasy drama television series, ‘Vikings.’ According to Norse mythology, Ivar was one of the most feared warlords. They led the Great Heathen Army […]

Danielle Mansutti

Danielle Mansutti is a British social media personality. She is well-known for her makeup tutorials, fashion advice, lifestyle videos, and awareness videos on YouTube. She has also gained an immense amount of popularity by raising her voice against animal cruelty. She makes the maximum usage of her social media accounts to create awareness regarding such […]

Monica Pretelini

Monica Pretelini was a famous personality. She rose to prominence as the late wife of the 57th President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto. His presidential tenure began on 1 December 2012, and he held the position till 30 November 2018. He was responsible for numerous developments in the Mexican economy, including the breaking up of […]

Robbie Burlew

Robbie Burlew is an American social media personality. He rose to stardom through his TikTok videos. He began using social media accounts for fun but then realized that he could make money through it. Soon, he started being popular on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Would you please stick with us to […]

Shawn Sanford

Shawn Sanford is an American businessman and director. He works in Lifestyle Marketing at the multinational technology company Microsoft. However, he is in the spotlight through his wife, Poppy Montgomery, an American actress. They began their romantic journey in 2011 and have been together ever since. Stay with us to learn more about his life. […]

Crystal Westbrooks

Crystal Westbrooks is an American social media personality and model. She is famous as one of the cast members of the reality television series ‘The Westbrooks.’ In addition to this, she also rose to fame when she used to date the Canadian rapper Drake. However, their relationship ended in a dispute. Would you please stick […]