Peter Weller

Peter Weller is an American actor, director, and art historian by profession. Some of his best works include his role as Alex Murphy or RoboCop in the American science fiction action movie series RoboCop. In addition to this, he is also responsible for being the voice behind Bruce Wayne or Batman in the 2012 animated […]

Sarah Dunsworth

Sarah Dunsworth is a Canadian actress by profession. She stole the limelight after playing the role of Sarah in numerous installments of the Trailer Park Boys franchise. She has appeared in over five installments of the franchise and has made an appearance in movies and television series. In addition to this, she has also done a lot […]

Cissy Wang

Cissy Wang is a famous model from Hong Kong. She stole the limelight towards herself after winning Toronto’s annual beauty pageant, Miss Chinese Toronto Pageant, in the year 2000. In addition to being a famous model, she is also a celebrity wife. Her husband is Donnie Yen, a well-known martial artist, actor, producer, and director. Please […]

Brenda James

Brenda James is a Canadian actress. She is well-known in the entertainment industry for playing the role of Brenda Gutierrez in the comedy, horror, and science fiction movie, Slither. In addition to this, she has also been able to win over many hearts through her impressive performances. She was also among the highest-earning actresses during the […]

Rachel Luttrell

Rachel Luttrell is a trendy Tanzanian-Canadian actress. She rose to prominence after portraying the role of the Athosian war leader, Teyla Emmagan, in the adventure, military, science fiction television series Stargate Atlantis. With her debut performance in 1986, she worked with the entertainment industry for the past three decades. Please stick with us to know more […]

Nadine Garner

Nadine Garner is an Australian actress. She rose to prominence after playing the role of Viola for an episode of the comedy, drama television series, Shakespeare Republic. She began her professional career as a teen performer and has also worked on many television series and movies throughout her professional career. In addition to this, she has also […]

Naiia Rose Ulrich

Naiia Rose Ulrich is a famous British actress. After appearing as Alex in the 2010 comedy-drama movie, Due Date, she stole the spotlight. She recently made her appearance in the movie industry, but she has garnered much attention through her impressive performances. Please stick with us to know more about the young, talented actress and […]

Maureen Flannigan

Maureen Flannigan is a former actress. She was active in the movie industry from the 1980s to 2010s. She played the remarkable role of Evie Ethel Garland in the American fantasy sitcom, Out of this World. She had a recurring role in the series, and she worked with the sitcom for over four years. Please stick with […]

Joanna Shimkus

Joanna Shimkus is a Canadian actress. She is well-known in the entertainment industry for portraying the role of Yvette in the 1970 romantic drama movie, The Virgin and the Gypsy. In addition to this, she also rose to prominence through her husband, Sidney Poitier, and her daughter, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, who are actors in the entertainment industry. […]

Melissa Miller

Melissa Miller is a famous American model and a television personality. After doing several photoshoots with the Sports Illustrated magazine and Victoria’s Secret, she rose to prominence. In addition to this, she has also made an appearance in the survival series called Naked and Afraid. Please stick with us to know more about Melissa and her […]