Brian Kleinschmidt and his wife, Mika Kleinschmit, are real-estate developers and television personalities. They are famous for running their television series called ‘100 Day Dream Home’, where the couple works on a client’s residence and turns them into a dream home according to their client’s requirements.

In addition to being famous television stars, they are also proud parents and are raising a daughter together, and her name is Jade Kleinschmidt.

Brian Kleinschmidt
Image Source: Brian’s Instagram

Brian and Mika are high school lovers.

Brian is currently in a marital relationship with his wife, and her name is Mika Kleinschmidt. They married in 2013, but their romance dates back to when they were many high school kids. Their first meeting occurred when the school administrators accidentally assigned him to a chorus class meant for girls.

It was love at first sight for Brian, but nothing much happened between them in high school. Moreover, Brian was in a marital relationship with his ex-wife Ericka Dunlop before dating Mika.

They began dating only after they were adults. Brian Kleinschmidt had separated from Ericka, and then and only then did they start dating each other. After being contactless after high school, they reunited in 2011 and embarked on a romantic journey with one another.

The couple has been together ever since, and they also work together as a couple. Brian owns a gym, and Mika manages the gym. Furthermore, Erika works as a realtor, and Brian works as a developer on 100 Day Dream Home.’

Image Source: Brian’s Instagram

Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt Daughter

Brian and Mika are raising their daughter together, and her name is Jade Kleinschmidt. However, Jade is not Brian’s biological daughter. Instead, Mika conceived her through her past relationship with a mystery person.

But despite being a stepfather, Brian loves and cares about Jade as if she was his own. There is a strong bond between them. He also wished her on her 11th birthday and also stated that Mika and Jade were the best gifts he has ever received in his life.

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