Brice Rhodes is an American rapper turned assumed executioner. In May 2016, Brice Rhodes was blamed for shooting and killing Christopher Jones. According to police, Larry Ordway, and Maurice Gordon, were killed after some time. Moreover, Rhodes is also renowned for his explosive behavior in court.

Quick Facts:
Full NameBrice Rhodes
Date of Birth1991
Birth PlaceUSA
Age31 years
Mother's NameN/A
OccupationRapper, Crime Suspect
Height6 feet
Weight200 pounds
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eyes ColorDark Brown

What is Brice Rhodes Age?

Brice was born in the year 1991, which makes him around 33 years old as of 2024. He was born on November 27, which makes him a Sagittarius. He was just 25 at the time of the 2016 killings. There are no details available regarding his family background or personal information. Before the murder trials, Rhodes was into singing, mostly hip-hop. He also has a few videos on YouTube from his singing days.

Brice Rhodes
Bryce Rhodes (Source: Weekly Magazine)

Looking into the suspect’s academic background, he might have finished high school but the details regarding his educational background are not available in the public domain.

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Did Brice Rhodes get sentenced?

Despite the case being filed more than five years ago, it is still pending. The case has been postponed multiple times over the year due to reasons such as the bad behavior of the suspect, incompetent nature, irrational reasonings, etc. The latest trial was on January 2022, however, the case is believed to be pushed into 2023.

Brice Rhodes Story

In May 2016, Rhodes was accused of shooting and killing a black man in his 40s named Christopher Jones. In the very same month, he was convicted of the murders of two teenage brothers, Larry Ordway age 14, and Maurice Gordon, age 16. Rhodes allegedly stabbed the teenagers and then set fire to their bodies, according to the police.

The adolescent siblings had an image of them holding a weapon on their online media profiles which fueled multiple reports claiming them to be members of a gang. However, the youngster’s mom, Wren, guaranteed that the image was just a cover for different hooligans who had recently attempted to attack them.

Moreover, she told WAVE 3 News that she told WAVE 3 News that she needed her late children to be known for their giggling and passing marks and not posse partnerships on account of those simple pictures. Wren likewise told Wave 3 that her children were great understudies and didn’t connect with the poses.

Already, she had let WDRB know that her children were trying to be individuals from the “blood gang.” The adolescent’s grandma additionally rejected that her grandsons were essential for any possessions and asserted that they were presented with the copy weapons they got as gifts from her.

Brice Rhodes
Bryce Rhodes (Source: Weekly Magazine)


Anjuan Carter, a high school co-litigant in the triple homicide case, ultimately provided Louisville Metro Police with a definite portrayal of the killings in 2016 in return for a request bargain. In his bargain appeal, Carter said that Rhodes shot Jones after Rhodes confused him with a person with a bounty on his head. He likewise stated that Rhodes killed the teenage siblings after they saw Rhodes shooting Jones. Likewise, 20-year-old Tieren Coleman also pleaded to complicity in the killings on account of the 2016 homicides of the young siblings.

Where is Brice Rhodes now?

Brice Rhodes is currently imprisoned, and a new trial date has been scheduled for him in the triple murder case. Over the years of the case, Rhodes has been charged with additional crimes of violence and sexual assault, including charges of punching another prisoner and assaulting Judge Amber Wolf. There have also been claims of Rhodes attempting to escape from Metro Corrections by tunneling through the cinder blocks.

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What is Bryce Rhodes Height?

Bryce is a big man, standing 6 feet tall and weighing around 200 lbs. Looking at his photographs and videos, he has a fair complexion with multiple tattoos on his body. He has dark brown hair and the same colored eyes. He looks fit in clothes but has a fat belly hidden underneath, which can be seen in his music videos.

Brice Rhodes music rapping
Bryce Rhodes (Source: Weekly Magazine)

What is Brice Rhodes Net worth?

As of 2024, Brice Rhodes is looking into his net worth, but there are no accurate estimates for his net worth available on the internet.

Is Brice Active on Instagram?

Since Brice  Rhodes is in prison for murder charges, he is not active on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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