Katherine Langford

About Katherine Langford It is never certain what the film industry has in stores. Some have to work for decades and still do not achieve the recognition they deserve. For some, all it takes is one role in blasting them off to massive success. One can call it beginner’s luck or just fate.  Katherine Langford, […]

Cameron Diaz

In her 26 years in the industry, Cameron Diaz, a former American actress/producer/model was able to achieve it all. Great success, fame, money, and a lot. Never once in her career, she fell from grace, nor did she ever lose her status as a top-tier actress. She managed to go down as a legend in […]

Zachary Levi

About Zachary Levi   When the DC Extended Universe was failing, when most of its films weren’t doing well, “Shazam!” came as a breath of fresh air and fixed everything that the recent DC films got wrong. American actor/singer Zachary Levi Pugh makes the film what it is. He is the heart and soul of […]

Kofi Kingston

About Kofi Kingston   “SOS I hear them shoutin’ SOS I hear them cryin’….” You probably now “who” appears, after the playing of the song, if you are a WWE fan. Jim Johnston has written and performed the song. WWE has the official license of the song. Likewise, just after the beat plays in the […]

Jodi Arias

Who Is Jodi Arias? Anger. Jealousy. Possession. Obsession. Anxiety. Insecurity. These words relate to the bizarre states of mind. All the conditions are psychologically disturbed state. According to psychological criticism, the unfulfilled desires and experiences from childhood are stored in the unconscious state of mind. There is a defense mechanism in the human brain that […]

Katherine Waterston

Katherine Waterston Katherine Waterston is a fortunate girl with a family legacy of acting. It seems like she has inherited the quality of acting and fine performances from her father. But instead of being proud and jumping into the lead roles using various channels, she started by first studying the film and going from a […]

Rebecca Ferguson

About Rebecca Ferguson   Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström who is known by her stage name Rebecca Ferguson is a Swedish actress who jumped on the acting boat by starring in the Swedish opera Nya tider. Her acting boat was sailing the national waters of her home country Sweden until she portrayed the role of Elizabeth […]

Melissa Fumero

Melissa Fumero is an American actress/ director who achieved this feat by getting the role of Adriana Cramer in “One Life to Live.” It was her debut role and she couldn’t have been happier. She got the role when she was in college and it jump-started her career like a SpaceX rocket.  Early Life and […]

Andy Samberg

About Andy Samberg   Making someone laugh is a difficult thing to do. It may be easier to make someone laugh in real life but having the ability to make someone else through a screen is a great feat to achieve. Comedy is considered one of the most difficult genres to do in film and […]

Tom Ellis

About Tom Ellis  There is a huge difference in real life and reel life. Only a few people have the same nature in both films and in real life only to some extent. And when this happens you can see a more realistic performance as one doesn’t have to do a lot of effort to […]