Real cause of Weste Erickson’s Death

Weste Erickson was a famous and lovable actor well-known in the horror documentary television series Terror in the Woods.  Unfortunately, he passed away in the year 2017 and left everyone broken-hearted. Please stick with us to know more about the late actor and the cause behind his demise. Weste Erickson Cause of Death Weste Erickson […]

Mikey Williams’ Family Details

Born and raised in the town of San Diego, California, Mikey Williams has been rising through the ranks in the world of basketball. He is currently competing in Division I basketball with Lake Norman Christian School. He is a top player from the state of California and he has an average of 32 points per […]

Who is Nischelle Turner’s Husband?

Nischelle Turner is well-known in the entertainment industry as the first black female to host the news broadcasting news magazine program Entertainment Tonight.  She has been hosting the show alongside co-host Kevin Frazier since 2019. Before her, Nancy O’Dell was hosting the show, but the position of the host had been vacant ever since she decided […]

‘Bitwit’ host Kyle Hansen and wife Heather deCaussin split after 5 years of marriage

Kyle Hansen is a well-known sports reporter, YouTube personality, and producer. He is also the founder of his YouTube channel called Bitwit, a techno particular YouTube channel. He received prominence through his YouTube channel, which currently has 2.41 million subscribers. Talking more, Hansen’s audience often shows interest in his personal life affairs. Sadly, he has divorced […]

Who is Steelo Brim Dating After Separating From Fiancé?

Steelo Brim has garnered a lot of attention after appearing as the comedy television series Ridiculousness co-host. Furthermore, he has also become a topic for discussion among the fans after separating from his longtime girlfriend, Conna Walker. The two of them were also looking forward to tying knots, but things fell apart for them before […]

Actor Doyle Devereux married a McDonald’s employee. Look at Meredith Merz’s career and their child

A lot of people know that Doyle Devereux walked down the aisle with a McDonald’s employee. However, there is a lot to this than what meets the eye. There have been numerous instances where people recognize a celebrity spouse through their better half instead of the professional side of their lives. Unfortunately, a similar case […]

Who is Amberley Snyder’s Husband?

Amberley Snyder is a famous equestrian from the United States of America. She rose to prominence after taking part in different races and competitions on both national and international levels. However, her life took an unfortunate turn, and everything changed for the talented equestrian when she met with a severe accident. This accident left her […]

James R. Fitzgerald Separates From First Wife After the Unabomber Case

James R. Fitzgerald is a past FBI agent. He rose to prominence after he successfully captured the notorious Unabomber, Theodore John Kaczynski. He led the FBI team for 18 years to capture the criminal, and he was finally successful in his mission. However, he also put an end to UNABOM‘s terror. Unfortunately, he was responsible […]

Are Caitlyn Jenner and Candis Cayne Dating?

Candis Cayne and Caitlyn Jenner are both famous personalities in the media. Candis is a well-known actress and performance artist, while Caitlyn is a former Olympic gold medallist and a television personality. The two characters belong to different aspects of the entertainment industry, but they belong to the trans community. They have been stealing the […]

Who is Brian and Mika Kleinschmidt’s Daughter?

Brian Kleinschmidt and his wife, Mika Kleinschmit, are real-estate developers and television personalities. They are famous for running their television series called ‘100 Day Dream Home’, where the couple works on a client’s residence and turns them into a dream home according to their client’s requirements. In addition to being famous television stars, they are […]