Despite the controversy surrounding using kratom, many celebrities have taken to the herb to help them with insomnia and other health concerns. These celebrities have all spoken about their experiences with kratom and how it has helped them.

Using kratom is legal in a handful of states, but there has been some controversy in the last two years. It is sold as a supplement, often in powder or red vein maeng da kratom capsules.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently taking steps to address kratom, including investigating deaths that have been associated with it. The agency requests information from consumers, doctors, hospitals, and law enforcement on using kratom. They say they want to know how kratom can be abused and what kinds of side effects kratom can have. They are also looking into kratom’s safety and whether it should be regulated.

Whether you’re an avid kratom user or just looking for more information, it’s always good to know what celebrities are touting the plant. Not only are some of the biggest names in pop culture promoting kratom, but they’re doing it sincerely.


Jeff Wolstenholme

Several celebrities who use kratom have spoken out about their personal experiences with the substance; one of these is Jeff Woltenhulme. They have claimed that it helped them break free from addiction to opiates and alcohol. Others have used it as a painkiller and nootropic.

Tom Petty

One of the most prominent celebrities who use kratom is Tom Petty. He has praised the substance on his podcast but has also spoken out about his battles with depression and drug abuse. He has also said that his wife, Jane, struggled with mental illness. He said that they still loved each other.

Tom Petty had a long history of substance use. At one point, he was taking fentanyl, an opioid, and benzodiazepines, often used to treat anxiety and muscle spasms. The combination of these medications caused his overdose. He also suffered from emphysema and a fractured hip. He eventually quit using heroin, though, with help from a doctor and rehabilitation.


Greener Pastures

Several celebrities are turning to kratom for pain relief; some claim the plant has helped them get their lives back on track. The program is so effective that it has been dubbed Plant Assisted Therapy and boasts a 96 percent success rate. In addition to using kratom for pain relief, the program also includes cognitive and behavioral therapy. This is done with the assistance of other beneficial plants, and the results of this treatment have been astounding.

The company aims to provide a holistic approach to addiction recovery by using cannabis and other beneficial plants as core therapies. The program also covers cognitive therapy and other treatments. The company cites a 96 percent success rate for its clients. Its products are packaged in environmentally-friendly ways and use recyclable materials. It also uses renewable energy and energy efficiency as a priority. The company has the plan to apply to 272 partner pastures by 2021.


Leaf Of Faith

Netflix has recently added a new documentary to its collection centered around the controversial drug kratom. The documentary Kratom: A Leaf of Faith features several interesting points about the drug, which has become increasingly popular in American society. It is available in tobacco shops, gas stations, and specialty stores throughout the country.

Despite the controversy over the drug, its advocates maintain that it is an essential dietary supplement that saves lives. Its critics note that importing kratom into the U.S. is illegal, but it is legal to sell it in 44 states. While there are many myths about kratom, the herb is safe for consumption and an excellent alternative to alcohol and sugar.

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