Celeste Ackelson is best known for being the wife of actor and producer Brian Baumgartner. She was born in the United States in 1982. Most people are known for their accomplishments, and others are famous because of their links to the stated celebrities.


Full NameCeleste Akelson
Date of Birth 1982
Birth PlaceUSA
Age39 (as of 2021)
Father's NameN/A
Mother's NameN/A
Siblings N/A
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorBrown
Eyes ColorN/A
Relationship StatusMarried
Spouse(s)/Partner(s)Brian Baumgartner
Net worth N/A


Family life and education

Celeste Ackelson never really spoke about her family in public, so it’s difficult to guess who her family was. However, despite the mysteries, we and the tabloids conclude that Celeste’s family members are all American natives of white ethnicity.

Celeste Ackelson seems to have had a conventional and normal upbringing, according to sources. Moreover, there was nothing unusual about her childhood. Celeste Ackelson was a kid who grew up in a family that has always had a hazy understanding of what education is and how important it is in people’s lives.

Furthermore, the Ackelson family made sure that Celeste Ackelson knew the significance of proper education in her life. As a result, her educational history is pervasive.

Celeste Ackelson went to a local high school that was well-known for all of its organized events, and the performance is achieved. Celeste started to review and focus on her latter goal intensely, determined to do well in college. Celeste was able to maintain her unwavering resolve to achieve greater heights as a result of this.

Celeste Ackelson
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Celeste Ackelson formed a habit of doing innovative things from a very young age. Her family was still encouraging her to pursue her goals. Celeste spent her free time working on personal projects. Moreover, as time passed, her sphere of influence grew. On the other hand, Celeste does not make a big deal about her new job and future. There isn’t a lot of information on what Ackelson does for a living. According to sources, she is interested in Brian’s work and compiles an accurate sum from her efforts.


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Her famous husband: Brian Baumgartner

Brian Baumgartner is an American actor best known for his role as Kevin Malone in the situational comedy TV series “The Office” on the NBC network. Brian Bruce Baumgartner was brought into this world in Atlanta, Georgia, on November 29, 1972. As he joined the ‘Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School, he was brought up in Atlanta,’ a college-preparatory day school.

Baumgartner’s dream of being a baseball player was dashed when he suffered a leg injury at the age of 13, so he turned to the performing arts.

He studied at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1995. (BFA). He then began honing his craft by working at community theaters such as ‘The Guthrie Theater,’ ‘Children’s Theater Company,’ ‘Berkeley Repertory Theatre,’ and ‘Theatre de la Jeune Lune,’ among others.

Sequentially, he served as the creative director of Minneapolis’ ‘Hidden Theatre,’ where he received multiple awards for performing and artistic excellence. In 2001, he made his film debut as Roger in the romantic comedy film ‘Herman U.S.A.,’ directed by Bill Semans. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2003, he worked as a paralegal to supplement his income.

He moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue film and television roles after shaping his expertise in multiple regional theaters. Four years later, he and fellow cast members of the web series ‘The Office: The Accountants,’ a spin-off from the iconic TV series ‘The Office,’ won a ‘Daytime Emmy Award.’

Brian Baumgartner has appeared in several films, including ‘License to Wed,’ ‘Four Christmases,’ ‘Into Temptation,’ ‘Dirty Girl,’ and ‘Ordinary World.’ In addition, he made an appearance in Ingrid Michaelson’s music video “Time Machine” in 2014.

celeste ackelson
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Brian Baumgartner’s Wife

Celeste Ackelson is currently married to Brian Baumgartner, the actor who played Kevin Malone in the famous comedy television show The Office.

Celeste and Brian met in early 2010 and immediately fell in love because they shared so many interests. Furthermore, their tastes aligned artistically made it possible to strike up conversations at any time. Celeste and Brian married after dating for quite some time.

On April 28, 2014, a lovely wedding ceremony took place. Since the couple married in a California mansion in Los Angeles, the wedding location is a bargain. The backyard wedding was attended by only Celeste and Brian’s closest friends and relatives.

Brylee Bea, Ackelson and Baumgartner’s daughter, was brought into this world in 2015.

celeste ackelson
Image Source: Film Journal

Celeste Ackelson’s Net Worth

There is little known about Celeste Ackelson’s professional life. However, there have been rumors that she is involved with Brian’s work and earns a decent living. Her partner, on the other hand, is one of The Office’s most well-known characters. His net worth is $6 million, and he and his family live in luxury in Los Angeles.


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