Charlie Blythe is a TikTok star. She rose to prominence and stole the limelight when she came up with an honest confession regarding her luxurious and lavish childhood. Her video has over 16 million views at the moment. She uploaded the video through her TikTok account on 3 December 2020.

The video starts off with another TikTok user asking about the most insane rich person’s behavior. Then, she starts talking about her childhood experiences and the luxurious lifestyle she had when she was a child. Please stick with us to know more about her confession and her parents.

Charlie Blythe’s Confession

In the one-minute-long video, Charlie Blythe starts off by saying that her house was so big that she had to call her father for dinner through an intercom system. In addition to this, she also mentions that the dinner was not an ordinary dinner but a three-course meal prepared by private chefs.

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Likewise, another interesting fact Charlie shared about her childhood was that there were a lot of employees and guards who worked at her mansion.

However, her mother feared that the huge number of employees worried that they would plan to abduct Charlie. She also states that her parents never let her use her last name on social media in order to keep her safe from attackers who would try to kidnap her.

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Furthermore, Blythe also talks about how she never went grocery shopping as a child as she would just write down the things on a notepad in the kitchen, and it would appear the next day.

She also talks about how her father hated commercial flights and could not stand being in one. So he called his own private plane to pick him up in Nantucket and bring him back to Boston.

Charlie Blythes Parents
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Charlie Blythe hasn’t revealed her parent’s identity

Despite rising to fame through her rich, extravagant lifestyle and the fact that her parents are very rich, she has not disclosed the identity of her parents at the moment. But we do know that her parents went their separate ways before she was 18 years of age.

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She also opens up about her parents’ divorce and talks about how people began calling her mother a gold digger. She is very private regarding her posts at the moment.

She has also changed her name and turned off commenting on her posts in order to avoid negative and mean comments.

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