Armando Anthony Corea was an American keyboardist, jazz producer, bandleader as well as and occasional percussionist. He has been part of many classical jazzes as well as funk-jazz bands from the late 60s. He also is considered one of the most influential jazz pianists.

Some of his compositions are “500 miles High”, “La Fiesta,” and “Spain.”

Quick Info
Full NameArmando Anthony Corea
Date of BirthJune 12, 1941,
DiedFebruary 9, 2021, Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area, Florida, United States
Birth PlaceChelsea, Massachusetts, United States
ParentsAnna Corea, Armando J. Corea
OccupationKeyboardist, jazz producer, bandleader, occasional percussionist
Age 79
Spouse/partnerGayle Moran (m. 1972–2021)
Children 2
Net worth$3 Million

Early Life and Bio

Armando Corea was born on 12th June 1941 in Chelsea, Massachusetts. He was the son of Anna and Armando J. Corea. His father, the band “Dixieland,” introduced him to the piano and other musical instruments when he was just four years old. He learned drums when he was eight years old. He was fully surrounded by jazz music, as his father was from the same background, so it was obvious for him to stay in that field. 

He studied at Columbia University for one month and Juilliard School taking musical education for six months. He quit both as he was bored of it, although he stayed in New York.

Chick Corea
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Nationality and Physical Stats

Chick Corea is an American by nationality.

The zodiac sun sign of Armando was Gemini.

Career and Albums

The first recorded album of Armando Corea was “Tones for Joan’s Bones” back in the year 1966. Followed by “Now He Sings,” “Now He Sobs,” in 1968, and so on. He was a well-known singer all over the world for his jazz music. He has contributed a lot to this genre of music. 

Some of the world popular songs and albums of his are “No Mystery,” “Friends,” “Light Years,” “Like Minds,” “500 Miles High”, “Forever,” “Hot House,” “Mozart Goes Dancing,” “Fingerprints,” “Trilogy,” “Antidote.”

Chick Corea: 500 Miles High

The jazz fusion song “500 miles high” is the song by Chick Corea from the year 1972. The lyrics were written by Neville Potter, although the music was composed and sang by Corea himself. The song is more than nine minutes long, with three verses. 

He expresses romantic love in the song, although it sometimes connects to the drug culture. The song was released in 1973, although it was recorded in 1972. 

Chick Corea
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Chick Corea: Spain

Spain” is the song by the jazz pianist and composer Corea of instrumental jazz fusion. This is one of the most recognized songs of him. The song is one of the most famous ones amongst jazz music. The song is from the album “Light as a Feather” from the year 1971. The song’s artist is Corea in electric piano, Airto Moreira in drums, Florida Purim in vocal and percussion, Stanley Clarke in the bass, and Joe Farrell in Flute. 

The chord progression of the song “Spain” is as follows:

| Gmaj7 | F#7 | Em7 A7 | Dmaj7 (Gmaj7) | C#7 F#7 | Bm B7 |

Awards and Achievements

As for awards, Armando Corea has been nominated to the “Grammy Awards” 60 times and, he won 23 of them. Other than that, he won “Downbeat Magazines Awards,” “World Drum Corps Hall of Fame,” “National Music Council Awards,” “International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers,” “Award of the Piano Festival Ruhr,” “Latin Grammy Awards,” “Album of the Year,” “National Endowment for the Arts,” and lastly “Jazz times Reader’s Poll Awards.” 

Chick Corea
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Personal Life: Wife and Children

Chick Corea was married to Gayle Moran, a vocalist and a pianist as his second wife, in 1972. The couple was blessed with two children, Liana and Thaddeus. 

He never mentioned his first wife, although he said that they were divorced for a long time. He was married to Gayle until his last breath. 

Chick Corea Death

On the 9th of February 2021, Chick Corea died at 79 in his residence in the Tampa-St. Petersburg Metropolitan Area, Florida, United States. The cause of his death was cancer. This was shocking news to the whole jazz followers and jazz music community.

What is Chick Corea’s Net worth?

The net worth of Chick Corea was around $3 Million. Although he is not with us anymore, his contribution to jazz music will be remembered by all his fans worldwide.

Social Media Presence

There are still 337K followers of Chick Corea on Instagram. He used to be active in social media, as his fans would know what his upcoming projects and live events through social media were. He supported and loved his fans as he gave all the advice an old and experienced artist would give through his social media account.


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