Chloe Chrisley is well-known in the entertainment industry as Todd Chrisley‘s granddaughter. Todd is famous for his television series called ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ that revolves around the events of him and his family. After making an appearance in the series, she quickly became the fan-favorite of the show.

Chloe’s father’s name is Kyle Chrisley and her mother’s name is Angela Johnson. Angela and Kyle are past lovers. Following their separation, Todd and his wife, Julie Chrisley took Chloe’s custody into their hands. Please stick with us to know more about why she is not living with her parents and what actually happened that led her grandparents to claim her custody.

Chloe Chrisley
Chloe and Todd.
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Legal Battle Over Chloe Chrisley

Todd’s son Kyle is bipolar and he has also suffered drug addiction in the past. His first child, Chloe Chrisley was born in the year 2012 with his then-spouse, Angela. Unfortunately, he tangled himself in an incident with the police which would send him on his way to jail.

It was during this time that Angela opened up about his drug addiction. She also added that he was a violent and aggressive person.

Angela also spoke about an incident that included physical violence. She stated that he once choked her when she was pregnant with Chloe. The violence did not stop there as another incident involved him charging at her with a knife in his hand.

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According to her, Kyle threatened to stab her with the knife but ended up throwing a bottle of pills at her. This bottle then hit Angela and Chloe Chrisley on their faces.

With such aggressive behavior, Todd and Angela initially shared Chloe’s custody. However, Angela lost custody of her child when she used her child to get Medicaid and food stamps. The authority quickly found out about this and arrested her in 2016.

Not only this, but the police reports also showed that she had been getting the benefit for over three years through her daughter’s name. As a result, she also had to pay a fine of $20,000 to Medicaid.

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