Lisa Thorner is an American celebrity wife. She rose to prominence in the entertainment industry as the ex-wife of the American comedian and actor Damon Kyle Wayans Sr. Their relationship began during the 1980s and ended in 1999. Please stick with us to know more about their relationship, their marriage, divorce, and children.


Lisa Thorner Before Marriage

Lisa Thorner was living life as a model before meeting Damon Wayans. Very little information is available regarding Lisa’s early life and her childhood details. But, we do know that she established herself with the fashion industry.

Lisa Thorner

Lisa Thorner and Damon Wayans’ Marriage

Lisa and Damon first met during the 1980s. Following this first meeting, they began having romantic feelings for each other in the year 1982. They soon decided to tie their knots two years later, on 24 April 1984. However, not much is available about their marriage as it was a private ceremony and had only close friends and family.

Following their marriage, the couple welcomed a total of four children. They have two sons and two daughters from their wedding. Their sons’ names are Damon Wayans Jr. and Michael Wayans. Likewise, their daughters’ names are Cara Mia Wayans and Kyla Wayans. Not much information is available about Michael, Cara Mia, and Kyla, but we do know that Damon has also established himself in the entertainment industry. He is also an actor and comedian by profession, just like his father, Damon Wayans Sr.

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Lisa Thorner and Damon Wayans’ Divorce

Things began worsening for the couple as time passed. Damon was too caught up in his work and was unable to give time to his family. This created problems in their relationship as Lisa could barely spend time with her lover. In addition to this, she also had to take care of four children all by herself. Finally, she reached her breaking point, and it was her who brought up the divorce. They decided to end their relationship after enjoying a married life of over 16 years.

They stated irreconcilable differences as their reason for divorce. Their kids were in their teenage years at the time of their separation. Damon Jr. was 16, Michael was 15, Cara Mia was 13, and Kyla was 9. According to a report by APNews, they filed for joint custody of their children. Moreover, she also requested spousal support from Damon after their divorce.

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Life After Divorce

Talking about their life after divorce, Lisa chose to remain single to look after her children and raise them. On the other hand, Damon moved on with his life and went on to date Charity Duplechan. They began dating after his divorce and have been together ever since. They are currently enjoying a love of over 15 years.


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