Didem Soydan is a Turkish model and television personality. She is famous for her work in the ‘Guzel Cirkin,’ and ‘Aramizda Kalsin’ in the year 2013. Likewise, she also contributed prominently to ‘Absolute Justice’ in 2014. She is currently 37 years old.

Likewise, Burak Deniz is also a Turkish model and actor. He is famous for his lead role of Murat Sarsilmaz in the Turkish romantic comedy television series, ‘Ask Laftan Anlamaz.’ He has been in the spotlight since his debut performance back in the year 2011. He is 30 years old at the moment.

While the two of them might not have much fame in Hollywood, they are one of the most popular personalities in Turkey. Fans often regard them as the coolest couple in the country as they look so much better together despite their age gap of around seven years.

Didem Soydan Burak Deniz
Didem and Burak horse riding.
Image Source: instagram.com

Didem Soydan and Burak Deniz Dating

The rumors about Didem Soydan and Burak Deniz dating speculated since August 2020. They began dating since then and have surprised the fans with how amazing they look together. Fans are aware of the fact that they have an age difference of seven years between them. But they also cannot shake off the fact that they feel like they belong to each other. In addition to this, they have also given the title of ‘Turkey’s Coolest Couple’ to Didem and Burak.

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However, along with the appreciation of their relationship began a lot of rumors and gossips. The most recent one was about the two of them breaking up. Fans met this conclusion as they thought that Didem was jealous because of the intimate photoshoot that took place between her boyfriend Burak and his co-star, Alina Boz. Burak and Alina are the protagonists of the Turkish drama television series, ‘Marasli.’ The media quickly began their investigation and questioned Didem immediately. She responded by saying, “Is a person who has been a model for 17 years is jealous of shooting?” She also closed the case by saying that she does not like sharing her personal matters with the public.

Didem Soydan Burak Deniz
Burak and Alina’s photoshoot.
Image Source: pinterest.com

Didem Kicked Burak out of their house

In addition to this, according to a report by Albawaba, Didem allegedly kicked Burak out of her house when he came to defend himself regarding the photoshoot. This took place in her home in Nisantasi, Istanbul. Reports say that he broke into her house in order to explain himself and she kicked him out. This generated a lot of noise and drew the neighbors’ attention. They soon called the police to handle the situation.

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Burak Deniz also liked keeping his personal matters away from the media’s eyes but the rumors of their separation ignited a huge fire. In order to avoid the media chasing them around with their questions, they contradicted their own statement of keeping personal matters to themselves. Burak uploaded a picture in which he was standing behind Didem and kissing her. He also had a love emoji on the picture which most probably was to clear out things that they are not separating.

Didem Soydan Burak Deniz
Image Source: mynet.com

In addition to this, when the media questioned Didem Soydan about if she would like to stay in the same elevator as Tom Hardy, she made the same gesture. She responded by saying that while she is a huge fan, she would not do anything romantic as she is already in love at the moment.


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