A lot of people know that Doyle Devereux walked down the aisle with a McDonald’s employee. However, there is a lot to this than what meets the eye.

There have been numerous instances where people recognize a celebrity spouse through their better half instead of the professional side of their lives. Unfortunately, a similar case takes place when it comes to talking about Doyle and his wife. So please stick with us to find out more about the actor’s love story.

Meredith Merz and McDonald’s

Meredith Merz is the name of the talented actor Doyle Devereux’s wife. She has been working with the company for the past fifteen years. She joined the company in 2005 as a finance manager and worked as the finance manager till the year 2012.

Doyle Devereux Wife
Doyle, his wife, and his son.
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Meredith then began working as the Director of Global Financial Reporting for the company. She earned this position after showing her dedication through her hard work as a finance manager.

She took the position for three years and then earned another promotion. She then began her service as the Finance Director for the company. She held the position for two years till 2017.

She kept on climbing the ranks as her superiors appointed her as the Director of US Business Insights and Analytics.

Success did not stop there for Meredith as she got yet another promotion in 2019. Since then, she has been handling the position even to the current day.

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Meredith and Doyle Adopted a Kid

Meredith and Doyle have a child from their relationship, and they adopted their child in the year 2019. The couple shared their experience through the Amazon Baby Registry.

Furthermore, they also have a website where they share the joy of adoption. They love giving the gift of family to those in need.

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