Gabriel Iglesias’ full name is Gabriel Jesus Iglesias. He is a well-known comedian and actor from San Diego, California. He is a married person and his wife’s name is Claudia Valdez. She is also a television personality and she has made numerous appearances in different movies and television series.

Their relationship began in the year 2008 and they have been together ever since. Claudia has a son from her previous relationship and his name is Frankie Valdez. They have been raising their son together and living as a family. Please stick with us to know more about their son in detail.

Gabriel and Claudia’s Son: Frankie Valdez

Gabriel Iglesias and Claudia Valdez together raised their son Frankie Valdez. However, he is not Gabriel’s biological son. He was born through Claudia’s previous relationship with an undisclosed person.

Gabriel Iglesias Son
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Born on 8 December 1997 in California, Frankie is currently 23 years old and is making a name for himself as a businessman. Despite being Gabriel’s stepson, he has always raised him as his own and they have a special bond between them. He has worked in a lot of different businesses but he is famous in the media as Gabriel Iglesias’ son.

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Frankie’s Father: Gabriel Iglesias

Frankie Valdez’s father is a well-known comedian and actor. He is better known as Fluffy in the entertainment industry. He also has a show with his own name called ‘I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy’ and ‘Hot and Fluffy.’ However, he initially worked in a cell phone company prior to pursuing an acting and comedian career.

Furthermore, he has also appeared alongside personalities like the American actress Amanda Laura Bynes and the American actor and comedian, Nicholas Scott Cannon.

Gabriel Iglesias Son
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Gabriel Iglesias took part in the fourth season of the American reality television series, ‘Last Comic Standing.’ Unfortunately, he could not make it to the finals as the show disqualified him from using a phone to communicate outside the game.

He was however a part of the eight finalists. He is also a voice actor and he has voiced characters in animated movies like ‘The Nut Job’ and ‘El Americano: The Movie.’

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