Ghost Aydan’s actual name is Aydan Conrad. He is a 21-year-old American professional gamer who rose to prominence as a member of the Ghost Gaming Squad. The squad has made its presence known on numerous games like Fortnite and Counter-Strike. Since Aydan is a part of the group, he quickly became famous as Ghost Aydan. He began his professional career when he made his way onto Twitch and began streaming his gameplay videos. At just 21 years of age, he has made himself very popular among the other gamers. He has also played alongside other big names of the gaming industry like Nick Kolcheff and has also beaten him in a game.

However, Ghost Aydan‘s fans have shown an interest in knowing about the more personal side of his life. They want to know whether his girlfriend is also a gamer and a streamer just like him. So please stick with us to know more about his girlfriend and if she is a streamer or not.

Ghost Aydan Girlfriend
Aydan and Sweets.
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Ghost Aydan and Danielle Sweets

Aydan is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend and her name is Danielle Sweets. Their first meeting took place at the Chicago airport while he was traveling for a gaming tournament. He revealed this in one of his YouTube videos where he introduces his girlfriend to his fans. However, the two of them have known each other prior to meeting at the airport. He also mentions that he called her to the airport to meet in person.

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According to Sweets, their first meeting was not necessarily a date but Aydan insisted that it was a date as she put a lot of effort to meet him. They began their romantic journey in July 2018 but the exact date is a mystery. Since then, the couple has remained together to date and have been also gaming together.

Ghost Aydan Girlfriend
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Yes, Danielle is also a gamer and streamer just like Aydan. She has also played several trending games like Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Rust. Moreover, she is also a Fortnite player and the couple enjoy playing as a team in the game. They often stream together and one such stream which stole the spotlight was when they managed to get a total of 30 kills in the duo mode.


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