Grayson Smiley is the name of Michelle Arroyo and Slade Smiley‘s well-known child. Slade gained notoriety due to her appearance in Real Housewives of Orange County. As a brain cancer survivor, news organizations and the media profiled Grayson.

Quick Info
Full NameGrayson Smiley
Father's NameSlade Smiley
Mother's NameMichelle Arroyo
Date of BirthMay 16, 2000
Place of BirthAmerica
Famous AsCelebrity Kid
Body MeasurementsN/A
Relationship StatusSingle
Net WorthN/A
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Grayson Smilye’s Obituary and Death Rumors

Because of Grayson Smiley’s situation, he was in the news. Grayson survived a brain tumor. He was in good health at the time of his birth. But the doctors diagnosed him with aggressive brain cancer at a very young age. And since he started kindergarten, the situation has only gotten worse. As a result, his vision deteriorated as well.

The situation abruptly deteriorated in May 2006. They found out that he had a brain tumor in his head when his mother took him to the hospital under the idea that he had a stomach illness. Later, the doctors discovered diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, a rare type of brain tumor produced by astrocytoma cells in Smiley. Additionally, according to medical professionals, the situation was difficult and made it difficult to remove the brain tumor, which required treatment to control.

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Grayson and his mother are going through a lot of pain, and his mother is going through a lot of financial pain. So they have created a gofundme website to handle their finances.

Grayson Smiley Mother

Grayson Smiley was born on May 16, 2000, in the United States of America. Smiley will be 22 years old by the year 2022. His mother is Michelle Arroyo, and his father is Slade Smiley. Both are popular. Skylar and Gavin Smiley, his other two siblings, complete his family. He is of American descent, and his parents are devout Christians. Michelle Arroyo, Grayson’s mother, is a brain tumor activist who speaks openly about it on the Internet.

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Professional Career 

Grayson Smiley suffered most of his childhood from brain tumors that are still active. As a result, Smiley spent most of his time in and out of the hospital. At a very young age, the doctors diagnosed a brain tumor in him, and its removal proved rather difficult. He has not started a career as a result. However, his father, Slade Smiley, is well known. He works as a television host.

Slade earned more notoriety after participating in the reality TV series The Real Housewives of Orange County. Slade and Michelle both appeared on RHOC. He is also well-known for appearing on many shows, such as Access Hollywood, Date My Ex: Jo and Slade, E! News, and others. He still competes in professional cycling.

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Grayson Smiley Personal Life

In terms of Grayson’s private life, he is not married. He might even be single right now. Furthermore, Grayson has not yet been directly or indirectly involved in any scandal. On the other hand, his parents, Michelle Arroyo and Slade Smiley, are not together. After their divorce, Michelle never remarried or stayed in a relationship with anybody else. Slade parted ways with Jo De La Rosa in 2007. In addition, current speculations suggest a close bond between him and Gretchen Rossi. She was also a cast member of Keeping it Real.

Grayson Smiley Net Worth

Despite the sickness that is currently present, Grayson Smiley is happy to live with his mother. Many thanks to everybody who was nice and helpful to him. Grayson has not pursued any form of job. As a result, it is impossible to ascertain Grayson’s total net worth. Slade, his father, had a net worth of roughly $500,000 as of 2022.

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Grayson Smiley Height

Despite having brain cancer, Grayson is cute and incredibly positive. No reports specify a person’s height, weight, or general physical make-up. His father, Slade Smiley, stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. Moreover, he weighs 80 kg. In addition, Grayson has black hair and dark eyes.

Social Media Presence

Grayson Smiley prefers to keep to himself and stays away from things like social media. However, his parents, Michelle Arroyo and Slade Smiley are active on numerous social media platforms.


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