Hang Mioku is a well-known Korean singer and model who became renowned after a botched cosmetic surgery. By putting frying oil into her face, the beauty aggravated her condition.
Full NameHang Mioku
Date of BirthJuly 8, 1963
Birth PlaceSouth-Korea
Age58 (2021)
Father's NameN/A
Mother's NameN/A
OccupationFormer actress and model
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorBlack
Relationship StatusMarried
Spouse(s)/Partner(s)Beau Biden
Children2 (Hunter and Natalie)
Net worth$100,000

Prior Life: Upbringing & Education

On July 8, 1963, the model was born in South Korea. Hang withholds plenty of details about her family history. Her zodiac sign is Cancer. Hang is of Korean descent and belonging to the Asian ethnic group.
She has also kept her academic background a secret, despite studying at a local school.
Hang Mioku
Image Source: Biography Tribune
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Mioku’s career was on the rise at one point. She is a model and singer by trade. Hang got her start as a model. Despite her growing celebrity, she got fascinated with plastic surgery to improve her appearance. She relocated to Japan for plastic surgery, where she underwent many unsuccessful procedures that harmed both her career and appearance. She got reported to be employed in a clothes store in South Korea.

Plastic Surgery


Hang became so enamored with plastic surgery that she got face and neck surgery to improve her appearance. She underwent her first plastic surgery at the age of 28. She was so enamored with her that she had plastic surgery on her face numerous times after becoming fascinated with it.
Mioku got fixated on having smoother skin and being more attractive than her peers. However, due to the significant danger of negative consequences, it had to be stopped.
Her physicians opposed her options to some measure and denied additional plastic surgery, claiming that if she got infused with more silicone, her face would be more demure. But, on the other hand, the Korean model was wilfully blind to the physicians and decided to undertake plastic surgery on herself.
Injecting the entire bottle of market silicone into her face was the first step. Mioku was unable to purchase silicone in the future as a result. She then went for the low-cost option and poured oil on her face. Consequently, her face swelled, and she developed many scars.
After her fixation went viral, Hang Mioku was financially supported by her supporters and underwent a reversal procedure. But, unfortunately, her recovery procedure removed only 60 grams of foreign matter from her face and 200 grams from her neck.
Hang Mioku
Image Source: NetWorth Height Salary
Furthermore, she made every effort to repair the damage and return to her former appearance. Following over a dozen reversals, her face was virtually healed, but many of her facial scars were more chronic and noticeable than it was before.
Hang Mioku is still alive today, at the age of 58 (as of 2021), but her existence is as unpleasant as imaginable, owing to her fixation with surgery.


Hang is a married lady. Mioku and her long-term lover Beau Biden have a happy marriage. Furthermore, there are no details regarding her spouse. As a result of the couple’s marriage, Hunter and Natalie were born.
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Body Stats

Hang was born with a lovely face until he developed a bizarre fascination with plastic surgery. All of the essential things in her life were taken away by her desire to improve her appearance. She hasn’t revealed any details about her physical measurements. Black hair and black eyes are her features.

Social Media Presence

Hang’s refusal to utilize social media sites might be due to her appearance or humiliation from her botched cosmetic surgery. As a result, she does not use social media.
Hang Mioku
Image Source: Glamour Path


Net worth

Hang Mioku, on the other hand, got preoccupied with plastic surgery during the height of her success, which cost her both her fame and her fortune. Hang hasn’t revealed her complete assets because she spent all of her money on beautifying her face. Mioku’s net worth is estimated to be about $100,000.
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