American woman Holly Revord is a well-known mother. Raegan Revord, an American child actress, is her offspring. Unknown to the majority, Raegan is a young actress with talent who has appeared in films like l See You and Stray.

Raegan is most known for her great roles as Missy Cooper and Megan on the popular comedy Young Sheldon and Modern Family, respectively. However, her major guardian Holly Revord has significantly influenced the course of her daughter’s acting career. Who exactly is Holly Revord, and what type of mother is she?

Quick Info 
Full NameHolly Revord
Father's NameN/A
Mother's NameN/A
Date of BirthN/A
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California, America
Famous AsCelebrity Mother
Body MeasurementsN/A
Hair ColorRed
Eye ColorBrown
Relationship StatusMarried
ChildrenRaegan Revord
Awards and AchievementsN/A
Net WorthN/A
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What is Holly Revord Age?

Even though Holly Revord was born in San Francisco, California, she is not nearly as well-known as her daughter; therefore, little is known about her childhood. We can only speculate on her age and birthdate due to this. Her pictures depict her as a middle-aged white American woman who looks to be in her early forties.

She has not specifically stated whether or if she has siblings or who her parents are. The only family with whom Holly has any public relationship is her nuclear family, of which Raegan is a prominent member.

The lack of information concerning Holly is also evident in her school background. She appears to be an educated woman. However, the names of her high school and college graduates have not yet been made public.

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What Does Holly Do For a Living?

The spotlight is not for Holly Revord. She, therefore, does not have a high need for attention. But she helped her daughter during her recent excursion into Hollywood and gave her encouragement. Raegan Revord’s breakthrough performance was the witty Missy Cooper twin on the popular CBS comedy series Young Sheldon, as you are surely already aware.

Raegan previously portrayed the vivacious Megan in the ABC series Modern Family. However, the fact that she began her career at four may surprise many people. In an interview with People’s magazine, Raegan claimed that her parents organized shows for her so she could display her incredible talent. Holly, particularly Raegan’s mother, introduced her to the world of movies by taking her to several theaters and cinemas.

Source: Favebites

Since Raegan became well-known, Holly’s career has mostly revolved around her child. It is unknown if she holds employment outside of her supervisory duties.

Holly Revord Husband

The intricacies of Holly Revord’s relationship with Raegan’s father, including how and when they initially met, don’t appear to be known by anyone. Mr. Revord is a member of the US Army, even though his exact post isn’t yet known. He serves as a UN peacekeeping soldier. Thus he is usually on the front lines.

Because his job needs him to be away from them for lengthy periods—sometimes months—it could appear as though he isn’t present in his family. This explains why Holly Revord is frequently mischaracterized as being a single mother.

Before deciding to marry, the couple is said to have dated for more than five years. As of this writing, Raegan is their sole kid. On January 3, 2008, Raegan Revord was born to her parents in San Diego.

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Holly Revord and Ryan Phillippe

Even though many websites speculate that Raegan Revord’s parents are Holly Revord and Ryan Philippe, this hasn’t been proven yet. However, there was a Tweet in which Raegan posed with Ryan as father and daughter. But, there isn’t any link between them other than being actors. Holly Revord and Ryan Philippe do not have any relationship with one another.

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Net Worth

We do not have any information regarding Holly Revord’s net worth. But Raegan Revord, one of the richest and most well-known young actors, and her daughter were born in California. According to an article by The Things, she worked as a child actress, which is how she acquired her estimated $350,000 net worth.

Body Stats

Unfortunately, we do not have any information regarding Holly Revord’s height, weight, or other body measurements. On the other hand, Raegan Revord stands at 4 feet, 9 inches, and weighs about 45 kg. She is blonde and has blue eyes.

Social Media Presence and Wiki

There is currently no direct access to Holly Revord on any social networking site. However, she clearly utilizes the internet to reflect her demand for privacy, and it does not seem like anything will change very soon.

Holly manages her daughter’s social media pages, especially Twitter and Instagram. Her social media pages share posts on picnics, riding, and hiking, in addition to movie advertisements. Raegan’s Instagram handle is @raeganrevord.


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