A lot of people embark on dangerous yet adventurous journeys in their lives. Jeremy Wade is one such person who loves tackling danger on the way to adventure. Born and raised in Ipswich, England, he is well-known for presenting his wildlife documentary television program on Animal Planet, ‘River Monsters.’ He has a passion for searching for the most extreme and feared freshwater predators. He has been in the show for over eight years.

While he is famous on-screen and his program has a lot of views, many people are unaware of his personal life. Furthermore, he has never mentioned anything about his personal life, which leads to the fans coming up with a lot of their assumptions. For example, some think he is a married person, while others think he is gay. So, please stick with us to know more about the personal side of his life and his relationship status.

Jeremy Wade Married
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Is Jeremy Wade Married?

Born on 4 May 1960, Jeremy Wade is currently 61 years of age. Since he is 61 years old, some people think that he has most probably settled down with a small family of his own.

However, this is not the case for Jeremy. He prefers living alone and has all of his focus and dedication towards his professional career.

According to online sources, Jeremy was in a romantic relationship

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with an undisclosed personality in the past. However, his relationship ended when he focused on his professional life more than his personal life. Since then, he has not been in a relationship with anyone.

Furthermore, he confirms it in a virtual interview with Kara Mayer Robinson. She interviewed him during the Coronavirus pandemic, and in the interview, he states that he is living alone in his residence in the Southern United Kingdom.

Jeremy Wade Married
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Is Jeremy Wade Gay?

Jeremy Wade’s program, ‘River Monsters’, has many male fans compared to female fans. Furthermore, his fans also like sharing how much they love Jeremy publicly. This raised a question concerning his sexuality among other fans. Many began thinking that he was gay and interested in men rather than women.

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However, he has not confirmed anything regarding this claim. Because of this reason, the details about his sexual preferences are still a mystery.

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