Pedro Pascal is a well-known Chilean-American actor. His full name is Jose Pedro Balmaceda Pascal, and he was born on 2 April 1975 in Santiago, Chile. He is the second child of Veronica Pascal Ureta and Jose Balmaceda. He has an elder sister Javiera, a younger brother Nicolas, and a younger sister Lux. Spending most of his childhood in Orange County, California, and Texas, he developed an immense interest in acting. He initially thought of being a swimmer but later chose drama classes instead. He is a graduate of the Orange County School of the Arts and New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Pedro Pascal is a very popular face in the entertainment industry. He landed a remarkable role of Oberyn Martell in the American fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones.’ Despite appearing for only seven episodes in the series, he impressed the audience through his role. Likewise, another one of his most notable works came in the year 2015. He played the main role of Javier Pena for three seasons of the American crime drama television series Narcos.’ Furthermore, he also received many positive reviews for playing the role of Din Djarin in the series ‘The Mandalorian.’ He is playing the role even today.

Pedro Pascal is quite famous as an actor, and fans already know about his works. Now, the fans are curious to know about the 46-year-old actor’s personal life and his relationships. He has not publicly talked about his relationships and sexual preferences, so people often wonder if he is gay. So, please stick with us to know more about the actor and his relationships and sexual orientation.

Pedro Pascal
Pedro and Lena.
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Who is Pedro Pascal’s Wife?

Pedro Pascal has not married anyone to date and is currently living a single life. He has also not revealed anything about his past relationships as he is a very private person in his love life. However, fans have been able to spot him with celebrities like Maria Dizzia and Sarah Paulson. Likewise, rumors regarding him dating Lana Headey, his co-star from ‘Game of Thrones, also spread on the internet. Fans spotted them hanging out together off-screen and speculated that something was happening between them. However, none of the two confirmed the rumors.

This rumor grew even stronger when Lena Headey was pregnant with her child. Rumors began spreading that the baby’s father was Pedro Pascal, but she later cleared that the father was Dan Cadan, an English actor. She and Dan tied their knots in the year 2018.

Pedro Pascal
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Is Pedro Pascal Gay?

Pedro has appeared in a lot of homosexual roles on-screen. This led to the fanbase believing that he was a homosexual in real life as well. In addition to this, his brother is also transgender. He strongly supports the LGBTQ community and frequently promotes them through social media platforms. He stood by the community and bashed all those who thought they were superior to them. He tweeted, ‘I’m sorry we’re ladies, that we’re queer, that our skin is brown. These awful cowardly shits, these hypocritical, dishonest, soulless meat bags. Allow them to have it all, as much as their empty eyes can handle. Our spirits and each other are safe with us.’

Pedro also wished everyone a Happy Pride Month through his social media platform. All of this often leads to people believing that he, too, is gay. But he has not let out any information about his sexuality either. As of now, we are unable to determine if he is straight or gay. All we know is that he is a remarkable actor and an even better person.


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