Writing is one of the purest forms of self-expression. Jackie Collins was a writer. Literature adds to reality, it helps us understand life in more depth. It enhances daily lives and its aspects. A good book can change a person’s life. These books can help us change the way we live.

Quick Info
Full NameJacqueline Jill Collins
Date of Birth4 October 1937
Place of BirthHampstead, London, England
Died19 September 2015 (age 77)
Spouse(s)Wallace Austin
Oscar Lerman
Partner(s)Frank Calcangnini (1994–1998)
Net WorthUS $ 180 million

Romance novels are one of the most popular forms of literature. They usually have optimistic endings and fill a person’s heart with joy. Romantic novels fill a person with optimism. It is enjoyed by people of all ages and has the ability to influence one’s perception of love. 

Jackie Collins

Writing romance novels that are hard hitting and influencing is difficult. It is difficult to grasp the attention of the audience and make them feel for the characters.

Jackie Collins was an English romance novelist who was able to win the hearts of audiences worldwide with her excellent writing style, ability to keep the readers wanting for more and curiosity. Throughout her career, she wrote 32 novels and all of them have appeared on New York Times bestsellers list.

Jackie Collins books have been translated to over forty languages and they have sold over 500 million copies worldwide. Her novels have been adapted into films and TV series. 



Jackie Collins was born to Elsa Collins and Joseph William Collins on October 4, 1937. She has two siblings. Her elder sister was named Joan Collins and her younger brother was named Bill Collins.

Her mother died in 1962 and her father died in 1988.

Collins studied in a day school for girls named Francis Holland School. She was expelled from school at the age of 15. 

During this time, Jackie Collins was in an affiar with Marlon Brando who was 29 years old at the time.

Her sister Joan Collins is an actress and her brother Bill is a property agent. 

Jackie Collins


Jackie Collins started her career with acting.  She first appeared in acting roles in low budget British films in the 1950s. 

Later, she moved to LA. There, she lived with her elder sister Joan. After appearing in small roles in films like “Barnacle Bill”, “Intent to Kill”, and “The Shakedown”, she appeared in TV series like “The Saint” and “Danger Man.” 

At the age of 18, Jackie Collins moved back to the UK. She shifted her attention to writing. In 1968, she published her first book “The World Is Full of Married Men” which became a bestseller that year.

Jackie Collins was glad that she dropped out of school when she was young and she never pretended to act as a literary writer.

Her first novel was considered too explicit and she was blamed for creating every pervert in Britain. She completed the book only after her second husband persuaded her to do so.

The scandalous nature of the book drove its sales and led to it being banned in Australia and South Africa.

“The Stud” was her second novel. It was published in 1969 and it made it to the best-sellers list.

Her third novel was named “Sunday Simons & Charlie Brick.” It was published in 1971. 

In 1974, she released her book “Lovehead” the book was later renamed as “The Love Killers” in 1989. It was extremely successful. 

In 1975, she released the novel “The World Is Full of Divorced Women” which was highly successful. Although the similarities in the name are obvious, this isn’t related to her first novel.

In 1981, she published “Chances.” This novel introduced us to the most iconic character from her novels. The character named Lucky Santangelo is an extremely beautiful daughter of a gangster. 

“Hollywood Wives” was her most successful novel. It peaked at number one in The New York Times best-seller list. It sold over 15 million copies. 

“Hollywood Wives” was also made into a TV miniseries. 

She wrote the sequel for it in 1985 and was titled “Lucky.” In 1986 she published “Hollywood Husbands” and in 1988 she released her book “Rock Star.”

She released eight bestsellers in the 2000s.

“Hollywood Divorces” was published in 2003 and “Lovers & Players” was published in 2006. These were followed by “Drop Dead Beautiful” and “Married Lovers.”

In 2009, she published “Poor Little Bitch Girl.”

Her 29th novel was “The Power Trip” which was released in 2013. Lucy Santangelo was a prominent part in many of her novels including “Goddess of Vengeance.” 

Her final novel was “The Santangelos.” It was the end to the series which started with “Chances” in 1981.

Jackie Collins


Jackie had dual citizenship and was a citizen of the UK and USA. 

Her father was of South-African descent and her mother had British ethnicity.



She is the winner of the Outstanding Achievement Book Award and has more award titles associated with her.



She married Wallace Austin in 1960. Their marriage didn’t last long and they divorced in 1964. They had a daughter named Tracy.

Collins married Oscar Lerman in 1965. They had two daughters namely Tiffany and Rory. Oscar died of cancer in 1992. She was a grandmother to six grandchildren.

Her Twitter account is still active, used by her media handlers.


The world lost this great romance novelist on September 19, 2015. She died of breast cancer. She kept her diagnosis to herself and only informed her sister two weeks before her death.



Jackie Collins had a height of 1.7m and weighed 60kg. 

She was 77 years old when she passed away due to breast cancer.



Jackie Collins was one of the best romance novelists and in her impressive career, she managed to write top level books that were best sellers. Her estimated net worth is US$ 180 million as of August of 2020. 

Her novels reflected her life and it was inspired from her surroundings. She enjoyed writing and made the readers feel connected with the story and the characters.