Jailyne Ojeda is a famous social media personality and model by profession. Fans love her curvy figure and her stunning pictures on social media sites. She has a well-maintained body figure and many people love her looks. On the other hand, many people criticized her for lying to them about her butt implants.

Jailyn Ojeda has been open about her surgeries. She claims that she has never done anything to modify her body. She is open about her failed nose job which according to her was a painful experience. While she accepts the fact that she has had plastic surgery on her face, she clearly states that she has not modified her body. Please stick with us to know more about this topic and find out if she got implants or not.

Jailyne Ojeda
Image Source: Jailyne’s Instagram

The public criticized Ojeda for surgeries

Jailyn Ojeda Ochoa has one of the most attractive and curvy figures on the internet today. While she mentions that it is the result of her intense workout schedules and Latino genes, some people disagree. She even shares a lot of her workout videos and routines with over 14 million people on Instagram but some people just don’t agree with the fact that her body is natural.

In addition to this, Ojeda has also shared her transformation pictures from the time she was 14 years old. She mentions that her boy has always been mature for her age and different than those of other girls of the same age. No matter what she did, she is just not able to convince some people.

Not only do people criticize her for her looks, some Instagram pages like (@false_beauty) have also posted her pictures showing her transformation. She replied to these pictures by saying that the pictures were fake and photoshopped in order to spread hate and negativity.

Ojeda’s Disastrous Nose Job

Jailyne Ojeda mentions time and again that she has never done any type of modifications to her body. She also openly agrees that she has had a nose job that almost left her depressed. She uploaded a 40-minute long YouTube video where she talks about the horrors of her nose job.

Jailyne Ojeda further talks about how she went to Ukraine for the surgery after talking to some girls. She felt like something was wrong when the doctor did not charge a single penny for the operation.

Jailyne Ojeda
Image Source: Jailyne’s Instagram

He only wanted her to promote him on social media through a simple shout-out. She also mentions how the doctor and his assistant began her surgery as soon as she promoted them on social media.

The two of them kept knocking her unconscious till the surgery was over. She had the most traumatic experience when she woke up. She saw a girl besides her bed lying and covered in her own blood. She was so horrified that she could not even tell if the girl was alive or dead.

Jailyne Ojeda doubts that the doctor assaulted her

After waking up from the surgery, Ojeda mentions that she felt a bump on her cheek. Seeing that she was awake, the doctor came in to check on her and he was drunk. He popped the bump before putting her back to sleep. She woke up sometime later only to find two holes in her leg which would scar her body for the rest of her life.

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She was unsure what had actually happened and she doubted that the doctor assaulted her. She got the holes checked as soon as she got home and she let out a sigh of relief when she found out that it was not the case.

Horrors did not stop here for the model as the doctor who did her plastic surgery blocked her on Instagram after he uploaded a picture of her failed surgery without her even knowing it.

Furthermore, he also threatened her by saying that he would leak the pictures and videos of her surgery online if she did not promote him on social media platforms. Ojeda stood for herself and proved that she was strong not to do what the doctor wanted her to do.

While Ojeda was already suffering from a failed surgery, more and more problems kept coming her way. The surgery was an absolute disaster as she could not even breathe properly. In addition to this, severe infections were also making their way onto her wounds. She had a severe hematoma and abscesses which worsened her conditions further.

Jailyne Ojeda
Image Source: Dr. Ashkan’s Instagram

The young model also suffered from depression while coping with the failed surgery and its aftermath. However, she was able to keep herself strong with the support of her family members especially her brother.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to smile properly as the doctor who botched her surgery had also cut off the nerves to her upper lips. This meant that she was unable to control her lips which led to facial paralysis.

Soon more and more people were aware of the fact that Jailyne Ojeda went through plastic surgery. This led to the people addressing her as plastic. After going through a tough time for a long time, she finally met doctor Ashkan Ghavami who said that he could help her.

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She mentions that the doctor helped her fix her nose and make it look as natural and beautiful as possible. While she did have a second surgery on her nose, she states that the doctor did not even touch her body.

Sadly, no matter what she does, Jailyne Ojeda will not be able to bring back her natural smile. She says that she regrets going through the operation and she wants her natural looks back. But what is done is done and she cannot go back in time.

She misses smiling and laughing like she used to prior to the surgery. Despite all the hard times she has had to face, she is still one of the most cheerful personalities today. In addition to this, her story also inspires a lot of people who are thinking about altering their appearances.

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