Jamal Murray is a professional basketball player from Canada. He is currently playing for the professional basketball team, the Denver Nuggets, in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is one of the stars of the team, and he has had a pretty impressive and consistent performance in each professional season.

Jamal Murray has been a star on the court, and many people know about his professional career. However, he has also stolen the spotlight again and again with his girlfriend, and her name is Harper Hempel.

She is a fashion model as well as a travel blogger by profession. Please stick with us to know more about their relationship and find out if they are still dating each other.

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Are Jamal and Harper Still Together after Intimate Video Leak?

Unfortunately, there is no strong evidence that says the two of them are still together. However, no information tells the two of them parted ways either.

Jamal and Harper have decided to keep their personal life private to themselves. Since their intimate video surfaced, they have chosen not to talk much about their personal lives.

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However, the fans got a little hint about their relationship, and they came up with many assumptions. First, Harper celebrated her 25th birthday without Jamal, which led the fans to believe they had separated.

On the other hand, some believe that it was because of the Coronavirus pandemic as no one else got a chance to go near the professional players.

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Image Source: blacksportsonline.com

Jamal and Harper met at college

Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel’s romance began when they were in college. They both attended the University of Kentucky. He was on the basketball team, and she was on the volleyball team.

They started off as friends, but eventually, their friendship turned into a relationship. However, they prefer not to talk much about their relationship, and this makes the fans question their relationship.

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However, the couple stole the limelight when their intimate video surfaced on the internet. It went viral, and the couple apologized publicly as they stated that someone hacked Jamal’s Murray’s account.

He publicly Tweeted and apologized for the video leak, and she did too. In addition to this, they also requested their fans to delete the video if they have and the fans positively supported the couple.

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