James Joseph Cramer is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is famous for his company, Cramer and Company. He has been quite successful in the financial and business world but the audience wants to know if it is the same for him in the romantic world. Please stick with us to know more about Jim Cramer’s wife and marriage.


Who is Jim Cramer’s Wife?

Jim Cramer was previously married to his ex-wife and her name is Karen backfisch-Olufsen. She is an American businesswoman and a television personality. They first met while she was working for Michael Steinhardt’s hedge fund. He convinced her to leave her job and instead work for him. She agreed to this and began working for Jim. While working for him, they fell head over heels for each other and decided to marry in the year 1988. Their marriage was a private ceremony and it took place in the presence of their family members and close friends.

Jim Cramer Wife
Jim Cramer and Ex-wife Karen backfisch-Olufsen

Following their marriage, they welcomed two daughters. Their names are Cece Cramer and Emma Cramer. Unfortunately, things did not work out between the two and they decided to go their separate ways in the year 2009. However, they shared mutual positivity regarding their separation. Online sources even claim that they remain in touch with each other even after their divorce. But the reason for their separation remains behind the curtains at the moment. 

Following his separation from Karen, Jim Cramer remained single and unmarried for over six years. On 18 April 2015, he decided to tie his wedding knots with Lisa Cadette Detwiler. She works in the real estate business and is a broker. In addition to this, she also handles the position of the general manager in the Italian restaurant, The Longshoreman. However, he has chosen to keep the details regarding how the two met or when they met away from the media. As of now, he is living a happy life with Lisa in his 65-acre property in Summit, New Jersey.

Jim Cramer Wife
Jim Cramer and his Wife Lisa Cadette

Is Jim Married Twice?

Jim’s fans and the general audience wants to know how many times the businessman has married. Well, the answer to this is twice. Yes, he has married twice to date. His first marriage took place with Karen Backfisch-Olufsen and they remained married from the year 1988 to the year 2009. His second marriage took place in the year 2015 and he is with his second wife since then.


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