Kalecia Williams was a TikTok celebrity who got famous after her death because of her death. She got killed by one of her friend.

Full NameKalecia Williams
Date of BirthN/A
Birth PlaceN/A
Father's NameRonney Savoy
Mother's NameApril Smith
OccupationTikTok Celebrity
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorN/A
Eyes ColorN/A
Relationship StatusN/A
Net WorthN/A


Kalecia Williams is the daughter of April Smith who was just a teenager of 16 years old at the time of her death. She belonged to the African-American ethnicity but her zodiac sign is not disclosed.

She was living with her mother April Smith and and step-father Ronney Savoy. Beside that there are no details on her early life and upbringing.

Kalecia Williams
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Looking into her education, Kalecia Williams was attending d South Atlanta High School at the time of her death.

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Body stats

Klecia Williams was a very beautiful girl with a nice build and dark complexion but the exact measurements of her body are not available.

Kalecia Williams
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What happened to her?

The attendant had brought Kalecia Williams to a hotel with other children, but her parents thought she was just hanging out with her pals and booked an Airbnb. For unclear reasons, the chaperone chose to take Kalecia and her pals to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel rather than Airbnb.

The chaperone brought Kalecia and her buddies to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel since it appeared that there was a problem with the Airbnb reservation. The chaperone decided to rent the hotel to hold the party she had promised to host for the children. Attending the celebration, Kalecia Williams had a wonderful time.

After a satisfying session, Kalecia returned to her room. Kalecia plans to check onto her TikTok profile @Kaleciawilliams1 by midnight after going to her bed. She was a terrific dancer, so she put her mobile in front of her and began filming herself dancing to the soundtrack on her TikTok social media account.

She enjoyed herself while doing so. The individual who invaded Kalecia’s room while she was dancing was thought to be a friend of hers by the onlookers. She stopped filming as soon as she realized someone had invaded her room.

Kalecia Williams
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Her death

Afterwards, it appeared that Kalecia Williams and her friend got into a fight, and as a result, he shot her in the crotch, causing her to begin bleeding. Two men helped her after hearing the gunfire from bystanders. Her legs were supported by the two men as they carried her to the hallway and dialed 911.

She was not breathing when the cops arrived, and they couldn’t detect her pulse, so they hurried her to the hospital. The physicians did all they could to save Kalecia Williams as the ambulance hurried her to the hospital, but it was too late; she passed away that day.

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Her Killer

The person who murdered Kalecia Williams was her friend, as per authorities. The teenager was detained by police at the scene of the incident, but they withheld his identification. The young man was arrested and questioned at the police station. He was accused by the police of sexual assault, reckless behavior, felony homicide, and having a firearm while underage.

He is being held in a remand residence at the Metro Regional Youth Detention Center by the police. The teenager and Kalecia Williams got into a fight, but it’s still unclear why. The youngster lacks self-control if he drew a pistol and shot Kalecia Williams.


Her parents after her death

Until eight hours after Kalecia Williams died, April Smith and Ronney Savoy were unaware that something horrible happened to their daughter. The Hyatt management team expressed their pain and sadness over what had transpired in their property. William’s parents would wish they could do something to save their daughter from passing away.

They would only experience anguish and heartbreak, just like any parent who has ever lost a kid or kids in some way. In order to inform Kalecia William’s parents of what had transpired, the chaperone phoned them. The parents were upset with the chaperone and believed that he or she ought to be held responsible for what had occurred.


Her Funeral

The R.W. Andrews Mortuary had a viewing for Kalecia Williams on Friday, January 1, 2021 from 11 am to 6 pm. The Life-Changing Work of Faith Church, located on Washington Road, conducted her burial the next day.


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