Larry Caputo Jr. is well-known in the entertainment industry as the dashing and handsome son of the self-acknowledged psychic medium, Theresa Caputo. She is popular for hosting her own television series on TLC called the ‘Long Island Medium.’

In the series, she helps people in connecting again with their loved ones who have already passed away. She uses her supernatural ability and communicates with the people beyond the grave.

The show aired its first episode on 25 September 2011 and it also featured her two children, Larry Caputo Jr., and Victoria Caputo. However, the show received a lot of criticism from the media.

Larry Caputo Jr.
Larry, Victoria, and their mother Theresa.
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People believed that she was not actually the connection between the living and the dead and everything she did on the show was just a confidence trick.

Magazines like Wired and television shows like ‘Inside Edition‘ also questioned her gift of being able to communicate with the dead. After getting a lot of criticism, the show aired its last episode on 13 September 2019.

Following the cancellation of the show, Larry Caputo Jr. and Victoria Caputo have been living their own personal lives.

Victoria also recently announced through her social media handle that she is expecting her baby daughter and is due in February of the year 2022. Likewise, Caputo Jr. has also been leading a life of his own. Please stick with us to know more about his life and his relationship status.

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Larry Caputo Jr. and his girlfriend, Leah Munch

Larry Caputo Jr. is currently in a romantic relationship with his longtime girlfriend and her name is Leah Munch. Their first meeting took place when they were pursuing their collegiate-level education at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. They were undergraduate students when they began dating and have been together ever since.

larry caputo
Larry and Leah.
Image Source: Larry’s Instagram

Caputo Jr. and Leah have been together with each other for almost a decade. She loves sharing his pictures and he loves sharing hers. However, it is not sure if the two of them married each other or not.

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They have been together on numerous occasions like parties and weddings but we are unable to determine if they have tied their knots or not. Furthermore, their last picture together was back in the year 2019. This makes it harder to determine if they are still seeing each other or they parted ways.

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