Many recognize Leslie Hamilton Gearren for her promising role as Sarah Conner in the Terminator series. Leslie was an American actress and former nurse; however, she is no longer in this world with us. Keep up with us to know more about Leslie Hamilton Gearren cause of death and her twin sister.

Leslie Hamilton
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Leslie Hamilton Gearren Cause of Death

Leslie Hamilton‘s most recognized Terminator Series performance granted her enormous fame. However, she left the world two years ago at 63. Leslie passed away on August 22, 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although she passed away during the pandemic, her cause of death yet remains a mystery to be solved. Many people believe that the Coronavirus pandemic was Leslie Hamilton Gearren cause of death, but this remains unproven.

Her family was shocked after learning about the sudden death of their family member. Before Leslie left the world, she used to serve as a nurse and later joined the entertainment industry. Her performances were well-received and loved by her audience. So, the news arrived of her untimely death shook her fans and family. We still have not found Leslie Hamilton Gearren cause of death. So, if we encounter some information concerning the topic, we will update this section.

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Who is Leslie’s Twin Sister, Linda Hamilton?

Born on September 26, 1956, Leslie Hamilton came to this world with her twin sister Linda Hamilton. The twins hail from Salisbury, Maryland, the United States of America. Since Leslie and Linda are twins, their star sign is Libra. They grew up with their parents, Carroll Stanford Hamilton and Barbara K.

Leslie Hamilton
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Both Leslie and Linda portrayed the role of Sarah Conner in the Terminator series. Like her sister, Linda also joined the entertainment industry and starred in several movies and tv series, including Beauty and the Beast and King Kong Lives. Linda even got nominated for an Emmy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Although the Terminator series granted her fame and money, reports stated that Linda hesitated to return to her iconic role.


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