Magician Teller’s full name is Raymond Joseph Teller. As his name suggests, he rose to prominence after performing magic tricks and blowing people’s minds.

Apart from his career as a magician, he is also a writer, painter, actor, and director by profession. He has also garnered a lot of attention from the magician duo, PennandTeller. His fellow magician’s name is Penn Fraser Jillette, and the two of them work together in blowing people’s minds.

While a lot of people are aware of the fact that he is a magician, there is a lot of information that stays behind the screen. So, please stick with us to know more about the personal side of the magician’s life.

Magician Teller
Teller alongside Kathy Bates on ‘The Big Bang Theory.’
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Magician Teller and his personal life

Born on the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day in 1948, Magician Teller has also made an appearance in the comedy television series ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ He portrayed the role of Amy Farrah Fowler‘s on-screen father and the husband of the American actress, Kathy Bates.

His appearance alongside Kathy Bates garnered a lot of attention as the fans absolutely loved seeing them together. They even wanted to know if something was happening between them off-screen. But, unfortunately, nothing was happening between them off-screen.

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Is Magician Teller Gay?

Teller has been laying extremely low when it comes to talking about his love life. Because of this reason, there is no information regarding the 73-year-old’s relationship history. Throughout his entire career, no one has been able to spot him with another woman. However, there existed a rumor regarding his sexuality.

Magician Teller Penn Fraser
Teller and Penn.
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People started questioning his sexuality and began to think that he was gay. In addition to this, they also believe that his gay partner is Penn Fraser Jillette. The two of them performed a lot together, which led the fans to think that something was happening between them.

Sadly, nothing is going on between them as Penn is in a marital relationship with his wife. Emily Zolten Jillette, and they also have children.

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Magician Teller’s net worth

Regardless of his sexuality, Teller has managed to earn a lot of money for himself. Not only has he performed a lot of professional magic, but he has also contributed his talent in many movies and television series.

He has earned a handsome amount of money by performing tricks on people and trapping them in his illusion. As of the year 2021, he has an approximate net worth of a tremendous $175 million.

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