Hope Charlotte Hicks is a famous political advisor who worked as Director of Strategic Communications at the White House during Donald Trump’s administration. She grew up alongside her sister, and her name is Mary Grace Hicks. Both of the sisters were models during their teenage years. Please stick with us to know some facts on Mary Grace Hicks.

Mary Grace Studied Nursing

Mary Grace enrolled at the Greenwich High School alongside her sister Hope, and the sisters were active in sports. Upon completing her education, she joined Southern Methodist University.

However, she graduated from Hobart and William Smith College. She also studied at Saint Vincent’s College and got her nursing license from there.

Mary Grace Hicks
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She was a Model

Mary Grace Hicks and her sister, Hope Hicks, both used to model during their teenage years. An article by Town and Country confirms this. They just tried modeling but made their way onto a Ralph Lauren campaign.

However, according to Hope’s interview with the New York Times, she expressed her views and spoke on her sister’s behalf and stated that the sisters were unsure if they wanted to work as a model for the rest of their lives.

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She Married in Greenwich

Mary Grace Hicks is a married woman. She walked down the aisle with her husband, Wiyot Woods, on 19 November 2016 and their marriage ceremony took place in Greenwich.

Since then, she has been in a happy relationship with her husband, and they enjoy each other’s company. Besides this, it is unsure if her sister has married or not. But she has dated personalities like Rob Porter and Goldman Sachs.

Mary Grace Hicks
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She works as an EMT in Greenwich.

Mary Grace Hicks is currently serving as an EMT for the Greenwich EMS. She began developing an interest in nursing when she was growing up. She chose to pursue a career as a nurse when she volunteered as a GMS, which gave her a thrilling experience.

She spent over 36 hours of her life doing volunteer work and gathering experience. She soon realized that this is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She further explains that the job constantly pushes her off of her comfort zone, and she enjoys the challenge.

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She is a well-traveled child.

Mary Grace’s parents Caye Ann and Paul Burton Hicks III raised her and her sister in a travel-friendly environment. The family used to travel a lot when they were kids.

This developed a love for traveling and exploring new destinations in both the sisters. They are avid travelers, and they love knowing about different cultures through their travel diaries.

Mary Grace Hicks
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