Mati Marroni is an American social media personality. She rose to fame overnight after uploading a video of her eating a burger. Her bosoms were barely covered with light clothing, and this garnered a lot of attention. She realized that if a short video of her eating a burger could make her a celebrity, she could venture onto numerous other platforms and gain more popularity. She then started her own YouTube as well as OnlyFans accounts. She slowly started rising to fame and is now a social media sensation at just 18 years of age.

While Mati is a very famous personality, she claims that the industry has a very dark side. However, she says that she does not regret her decision to choose modeling as her career and stands by her decision. She further says, “One cannot regret anything if they want to make an earning from social media.”

Mati Marroni’s fans have always wondered who the model is dating. They have always shown an interest in knowing more about her personal life and her relationship details. Please stick with us to learn more about her love life and her relationship status.

Mati Marroni
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Who is Mati Marroni Boyfriend? What’s her relationship status?

Most of Marroni’s fans think that she is probably dating someone behind the curtains as she has not shared any pictures with guys on her social media. However, she proved them wrong as she confirmed that she was not seeing anyone at the moment.

Likewise, she has also not had any past relationships either. This led to the fans asking her whether she likes girls instead. She further increased the fans’ curiosity by saying that she is unsure about her sexuality.

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