Molly Elizabeth Brolin is the one and only daughter of well-known actor-director James Brolin and former actress Jan Smithers. She works as a film and television production assistant. Molly Elizabeth Brolin was born in Los Angeles, California, on November 28, 1987.



Molly Brolin completed her studies in California before attending the ‘Berklee College of Music‘ in Boston, Massachusetts, where she earned a bachelor’s degree. She went on to work as a production assistant in films and television shows after that.


Molly Elizabeth Brolin
Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s parents
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Her famous family 

There are a lot of Hollywood families that claim to have acting expertise in their blood. But, in reality, many acting families are so well-known that just hearing their surname would conjure up images of all of them.

Brolin is the daughter of James Brolin and Jan Smithers, and one of her forefathers was a well-known actor. When it comes to Molly’s father, James Brolin is a well-regarded and famous actor well known for his roles in films such as The Amityville Horror, Traffic, Westworld, and Capricorn One. Although most younger people are unfamiliar with Jane Smithers, she came to prominence a few years ago when she started hosting the popular radio station WKRP in New York.

She got associated with more famous people. Molly Brolin’s stepmother of several years, Barbra Joan Streisand, is also affiliated with two prominent musicians. Streisand is an acting and music legend who has lately been campaigning for a few social issues. She is arguably one of the leading booming people in contemporary film history. Molly is the half-sister of the well-known and entertaining actor James Brolin and is one of his three children.

Full NameMolly Elizabeth Brolin
Date of BirthNovember 28, 1987
Birth PlaceUnited States
Age34 years
Father's NameJames Brolin
Mother's NameJan Smithers
SiblingsJess Brolin, Josh Brolin and Jason Gould
Occupationassistant producer, art director, and celebrity kid
Body MeasurementN/A
Height5 Feet 3 Inches
Weight78 KG
Hair ColorN/A
Eyes ColorBrown
Relationship StatusSingle
Net worthN/A



Given that so many of Molly Brolin’s family members have achieved immense popularity and success, it might be easy for some people to forget her accomplishments. That would be a crying shame because Molly is a particularly spectacular creature who knows how to get things done.

Like any other member of her direct family, Molly Brolin got drawn to sharing stories and started working as a production assistant in Hollywood after finishing college. Molly hasn’t decelerated since leaving her production assistant days.


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Molly Elizabeth Brolin has the potential to be a successful producer. She made her acting debut in the 2011 short film ‘Royal Reunion‘ as an assembly assistant. The following year, she acted as an assembly assistant on the action-adventure sitcom ‘Men in Black three‘ and an assistant director on the TV documentary ‘John Mulaney: New in town.’

Molly Elizabeth Brolin first appeared on stage in 2013. Molly and her ‘Berklee’ classmate Justin Johnson will be moving to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, soon. Johnson had a fascinating experience while working in a storage space in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood.


Molly Elizabeth Brolin
Molly Elizabeth Brolin with her step-mother, Barbra Joan Streisand
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He got struck by the idea of making his strange experience with Molly into a stage play when he discussed it. ‘Smile Swamp blue blood,’ a fantasy album co-written by actor Megan Lui and directed by Molly’s cousin Eden Brolin. As the stage master, Molly put a strong emphasis on the uniqueness of the props and costumes.

To do in-depth research, she and Justin traveled to the Atchafalaya Basin, a 150-mile-long soil on the outskirts of the state capital, the capital of the United States of America. The ‘Wild Project theater in New York’s East Village hosted the world premiere of the stage play.

Molly served as an associate director on the ‘Hallmark Channel’ TV movie ‘Royal Hearts‘ in 2018. Her father directed the film and also starred in it. In addition, Molly made a cameo appearance in the 2018 film ‘Shadow of a Gun.’


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Molly keeps her relationship status a secret and has only spoken about it in public. Molly Elizabeth Brolin seems to be single. In the public domain, there is no proof of her dating rumors. As a consequence, she appears to be single at the moment.


Molly Elizabeth Brolin
Molly Elizabeth Brolin with her father, James Brolin
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Molly Elizabeth Brolin’s Net Worth

Molly is a producer of multiple movies, thus earning a hefty amount of worth from her career. Since she is a confidential individual, her net worth is yet to get disclosed. But her parents have a collective net worth of around 50 million dollars.



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