Nia Malika Henderson is a famous political reporter for the multinational news-based television channel CNN. In addition to this, she is also a proud and famous lesbian personality.

She also tied knots with her longtime girlfriend, with whom she has been sharing her love for the past four years. She shared her sexuality through an Instagram post that featured her and her lover. She captioned the post, “Newlyweds.” So, please stick with us to know more about their relationship and their marriage.

Nia Malika Henderson Tied Knots in 2019

Nia Mallika Henderson revealed that she was a married woman through her Instagram. She uploaded a picture with her spouse on 1 January 2020 and captioned the photo, “Happy New Year #newlyweds.” This means that their marriage certainly took place in late 2019.

Nia Malika Henderson
Image Source: Nia’s Instagram

However, the news regarding the lovebirds’ relationship spread a long time ago, on 7 July 2017. In an interview with Politico Magazine, they asked her where she would celebrate her holidays and when. Nia Malika Henderson replied, “I will spend my birthday in London with my girlfriend.

We plan on shopping, eating, and checking out touristy places like Buckingham Palace and the Wimbledon scene.” This meant that she was already in a relationship with her girlfriend by that time and was also looking forward to spending their holidays together.

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Furthermore, in an interview with the National Public Radio (NPR), Nia Malika Henderson stated that her spouse was a doctor by profession. In addition to this, she also mentioned that she is a very hard-working doctor. But, unfortunately, she has not disclosed the name of her spouse at the moment.

Moreover, the details concerning the beginning of their relationship and how and when they met are also kept behind the curtains and away from the media’s attention.

Nia Malika Henderson
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Apart from this, Nia Malika Henderson is also an active LGBTQ+ supporter. She has covered a lot of LGBTQ+-related topics. Her support for the community began way back on 17 December 2008 when she wrapped her first topic related to the community.

Though she took a break from reporting about the LGBTQ+ stories, she made a return on 11 October 2019. In addition, she handled the responsibility for moderating CNN’s LGBTQ Town Hall Event.

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She played an important role when former President Barack Obama asked Rick Warren to acknowledge his inauguration. Rick is a strong supporter of banning same-sex marriage, which infuriated gay leaders.

This gave rise to one of the most heated news, and the President received a lot of criticisms. She covered a lot of news regarding this topic.

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