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Gloria Estefan

About Gloria Estefan   Music is like therapy. Every kind of music follows a rhythmic pattern. All genres of music either classical or hip-hop or blues or jazz or Latin etc. have a distinct beat. The arrangement of the best forms of rhythm. The rhythmic pattern helps the mind to replenish. It takes us far […]

Lily Tomlin

About Lily Tomlin    An actor is like red wine. As the wine gets tastier with the oldness, the skill of an actor to make the audience starstruck also increases. With the years of dedication in the acting, an actor can create magic on the screen even with a small appearance. And age factor instead […]

Barry Gibb

About Barry Gibbs   Music is a medium of a time machine. It may be created 100 years ago but it has the potential to take you to the time. Whenever you hear a song close to your heart, you move all the way to the closest incident relating to the song. Every beat, lyrics, […]

Tom Petty

About Tom Petty American singer/songwriter/instrumentalist/actor/record producer Thomas Earl Petty also known as Tom Petty, was the lead vocalist/guitarist of the American Rock Band “Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers”. He is also one of the best-selling artists, having sold over 80 million records in his lifetime. Apart from music, he had also been featured in several […]

Gianni Versace

About Gianni Versace Giovanni Maria Versace, also known as Gianni Versace, was a fashion designer based in Italy. He was also the founder of Gianni Versace S.r.l. He was also famous for linking the fashion industry to the music industry. Versace brought art and liveliness into the world of fashion. Versace was shot dead outside […]

Farrah Fawcett

About Farrah Fawcett Widely famous for her roles as Jill Munroe in “Charlie’s Angels,” Farrah Fawcett was an actress/fashion model based in America. She is also a five-time Emmy Awards and six-time Golden Globe Awards nominee. Her iconic photograph of Farah being on a red swimsuit clicked by photographer Bruce McBroom sold over six million […]

Steve Irwin

About Steve Irwin   Steve Irwin was one of the most loved celebrities of his time. He had immense respect for nature and the animals living in it. He loved wildlife but reptiles fascinated him the most. He was catching snakes at an early age. He was amazed by crocodiles. He used to help relocate […]

China Anne McClain

Who is China Anne McClain?   It’s a boon to get friends like parents. Although, there is a thin line that gives space to both of the relations. The bonding between the parents and the children will be strong if they can act both ways for one another. There is a huge level of understanding […]

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