Raegan Brogdon is an American former A-rated actress and model. She has a huge number of fans throughout her career as an A-rated entertainer. She is well-known in the media through her stage name that is Leah Gotti.

People are always interested in knowing the love life of their favorite celebrities. Likewise, Leah’s fans have also shown a lot of interest in her dating history and related background. So please stick with us as we discuss more on Raegan Brogdon’s love life and her relationships.


Is Raegan Brogdon Married?

Raegan Brogdon has not yet married anyone. She likes to keep her personal life private to herself so we are unable to determine her future plans at the moment. Likewise, she has also not given birth to any children at the moment.


Raegan Brogdon aka Leah Gotti


Who is Raegan Dating Currently?

Raegan Brogdon was previously in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend and his name is Juice Dinero. Since she likes to keep her personal matters private, we are unable to determine much about his profession. Likewise, she has also not revealed any information about when they met or how they met at the moment.

As of now, she is currently in a relationship in a relationship with the American musician and singer, Gxxicah. He is well-known in the entertainment industry for his single ‘I Don’t Believe You‘. The two of them share a lot of pictures together on their social media accounts. However, the two of them are currently enjoying their relationship and there are no such rumors regarding their future plans.


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