Everyone these days is either looking to lose weight or put on some and if you are looking to get ready for that summer body, you could use some inspiration for the Pitch Perfect actress Rebel Wilson. Wilson, the Australian comedian and actor, who is best known for her role in Pitch Perfect, has recently dumped 65 pounds of weight to look a lot fitter and get healthier. 



The 41-year-old actress has been losing her weight after her “year of health” and has left everyone’s jaws dropped. In 2016, when she revealed that she had nearly lost 33 pounds, she also said that she was now committed to getting in better shape, and recently, in May 2020, she said that it was now her mission to weigh nothing more than 165 pounds (75 kg). 

To everyone’s surprise, Rebel did actually achieve this goal in just a year by losing more than 65 pounds and has now been slaying the internet with photographs of her fit body and amazing looks. 

According to reports that have surfaced, the Isn’t It Romantic actress made exercise and workout her top priority and had started to eat healthier foods to aid the process. The lockdown brought on by the coronavirus pandemic actually helped the actress get more focused and better at the task at hand. 

rebel wilson weight loss
Rebel Wilson Image Source Instagram


Following what is called the Mayr Method, Rebel relied on a combination of exercises and a diet that paid off well in the end. Back in January 2020, the actress took to her Instagram to share that she had started her year-long fitness journey by walking. “went out for a walk, deliberately hydrating on the couch right now and trying to avoid the sugar and junk food which is going to be hard after the holidays I’ve just had, but I’m going to do it!”, she had captioned her after-jog photo.

Reports suggest that the actress has partnered up with trainer Jono Castano to help her achieve her goal and has now been working out all seven days of the week. 

“Starting the week off right! Look out @chrishemsworth & @liamhemsworth Australia’s latest action hero is turning it up!” Rebel shared a video of her workout session with the above caption on her Instagram.

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Focusing primarily on high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which includes stair sprints and sessions with battle ropes, her trainer has not been going easy on her during this climb.

“@jonocastanoacero just put me and @hugh_sheridan through an epic Opera House stair challenge workout! We did 30 laps! Also walked to and from the Opera House as a warm-up/ cool-down (last week I could only do 25 laps …sooo already improving).”, an enthusiastic Rebel Wilson posted on her social media after her fruitful workout session.

rebel wilson weight loss
Rebel Wilson Image Source Instagram


The Mayr Method, which Wilson is following to get back on the shape and stay that way is a diet plan created in the 1920s by Austrian physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr. Although the method has been in practice for over a century now, yielding promising results, it was not well known to the general public before it gained popularity as a verified and trustworthy way of weight loss, thanks to Wilson. 

The method of diet mainly focuses on gut health, and the idea that good gut health is an essential tool for weight loss and overall wellness is the foundation of the practice. 

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Focusing on the exclusion of particular foods from your diet in order to improve digestive health and boost the endocrine system, the diet also focuses on being a mindful eater and good eating practices like chewing one’s food completely before swallowing and avoiding distractions while eating. 

Despite the fact that that according to its founder, Dr. Mayr, the plan is supposed to be followed for 14 days, most practitioners get habituated and make it their routine to follow the diet plan for a very long time. 

After all, good eating habits should be followed by everyone, no matter their weight. 

rebel wilson weight loss
Rebel Wilson Image Source Instagram


The Mayr Method emphasizes eating meals that are alkaline. That means the food that generates higher pH on digestion should be consumed to increase the digestive system’s full potential. Fruits, green vegetables, nuts, and fish oil are some examples of this. 

Other healthy fats that help enrich the cardiovascular system are also recommended. Items like fish, gluten-free cereals, poultry, and meat that contain Omega 3 and protein are considered highly nutritional and valuable for anyone wanting to stay in shape and stay healthy for a long time.  



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