Robyn Dixon is one of the cast members of the reality show ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac.’ The show features several women of Potomac who share the secrets behind balancing their professional life with their personal life. This creates a lot of dramatic events on the show, and it leaves the fans in suspense.

Story About Her Divorce

Robyn Dixon became a part of this show and shared her own stories about her divorce in 2012. She was in a marital relationship with her ex-husband, and his name is Juan Dixon. But sadly, they separated after seven years of togetherness. But as of now, she has stated her interest in wanting to marry her ex-husband again. Juan is now her fiance, and the two of them are deciding to marry again. Please stick with us to know what she has to say about her failed marriage and her desire to remarry.

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Robyn Dixon talked about her separation on the show. According to a report by BET, the final steps of their divorce took place in 2012. The main reason for their separation was Juan’s absence during her pregnancy and her initial years as a mother. They had two sons from their initial marriage, and their names are Corey and Carter. Both of them were infants during the time of their separation. This created problems between the two, and during their time with the therapist, the two of them exchanged blows with each other.

Robyn Dixon
Robyn and Juan.
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Juan was not there for her

Robyn mentioned how Juan would admit to being absent. He would then reply how their relationship was not working out. She also shared how tough times were for her as Juan was on tour with NBA. She could not get enough sleep as she was constantly changing the diapers of the two and walking around like a zombie. Juan said that he was not at a good place either, and he felt lonely and was not doing his part. Furthermore, he also states that he felt like he could have been a better husband, and she could have been a better wife. Robyn agreed to this and also added that she was the one who asked for the divorce.

However, they would like to give their marriage another chance. Juan Dixon proposed to her for the second time, and she said yes. They are currently enjoying their life as an engaged couple as the pandemic ruined their marriage plans.


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