Ryan McPartlin is a renowned name in the American TV industry. Popular as Devon “Captain Awesome” Woodcomb on the NBC action-comedy series Chuck, McPartlin has acted in various TV series and movies that have earned him fame. In this article, we take a look at Ryan McPartlin’s personal life and his romantic timeline. 



Ryan McPartlin has been long off the dating scene, as the actor decided to settle down almost two decades ago in 2002. However, he is married to  Danielle Kirlin, and the couple seems to have a very romantic relationship even after such a long time. 

Ryan McPartlin Wife


Ryan’s wife, Danielle too is an American actress who is known for her roles in movies like Centipede! (2004) and Felicity (1998). However, she is inactive from her acting career these days and focuses more on her duties as a homemaker. 

Ryan and Danielle first met at the University of Illinois, where they both went to college. They dated each other for a  couple of years before deciding to get married on October 26, 2002. 

Like most celebrities these days, Ryan and Danielle like to keep their personal life away from the screens and the media. He shares very little information about the couple to the press, and Danielle, too, tries to avoid any paparazzi that she encounters in her day-to-day life. 

There is no doubt that Kirlin is a gorgeous woman, and the strong bond between her and Ryan suggests that McPartlin loves her unconditionally. The Felicity actress who portrayed the role of a flight attendant in the movie has been sharing moments of joy with her husband for the better part of the past two decades. 

Ryan McPartlin


A piece of interesting trivia about Ryan McPartlin is that he initially moved to California to pursue acting as a career but before finding a breakthrough, he spent years as an Abercrombie and Fitch model. He is also a boxer who played during his college days. 


Ryan and Danielle share lovely pictures on Instagram, where the couple is seen spending quality time with their kids on vacation. Ryan also shares pictures with Danielle when the two are together on a romantic getaway. We hope that their love continues to grow as ever. 

It was reported that Ryan was involved in a romantic relationship with a woman before he met his college sweetheart Danielle. Still, the name of the teenager’s high school love remains a mystery to date.   

Although Danielle does not appear on-screen anymore, she shares the stage with Ryan on various occasions when he is invited to attend different functions and award ceremonies. 

Ryan McPartlin


Apart from that, Danielle is also a talented chef and is the founder of a food delivery platform based in Los Angeles, California, called Plate Therapy. She got the idea of this initiative after being diagnosed with an autoimmune system issue and had to go through specific dietary changes.

So she started experimenting with Paleo-friendly, unprocessed, organic natural foods to eliminate gluten, dairy, and soy. On trying this customized dietary plan, she started healing herself without allopathic medication. As a result, her digestive tract inflammation went down; she got better sleep, boosted her energy, and got in the best shape of her life!

Since then, she has been working as the proud owner of a startup that provides healthy organic food to people right at their doorsteps. Ryan serves as the co-founder and the chief taste tester in the company.

We wish Danielle and Ryan the very best with their initiative and acting careers. 


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