Sam Kinison’s actual name is Samuel Burl Kinison. He was an American comedian and actor by profession. His specialty was his stand-up comedy. He used to perform for free initially, and he began gaining a lot of attention for his intense rants delivered with a distinct scream. Soon, he started hanging out with actors like Robin Williams and Jim Carrey. He was also well-known for his observational humor. He then made a lot of appearances on late-night talk shows like ‘Late Night with David Letterman and ‘Saturday Night Live.’

Unfortunately, Sam Kinison is no longer with this world. He passed away on 10 April 1992. He met with a very severe accident that took his life. He was driving his Pontiac Trans Am when a 17-year-old Troy Pierson rammed his pickup truck head-on, which was driving under the influence of alcohol. Kinison was not wearing his seat belt, which caused him to bash his head on the windshield.

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Sam and Malika.
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When the rescue team arrived, they found him lying unconscious between the seats. They managed to get him out but later declared that he had passed away. His autopsy report showed that he suffered a lot of damage which included the cervical spine’s dislocation, a tear in the aorta as well as blood vessels tearing in his abdominal cavity. All of these traumatic injuries took his life with the first few moments of the accident.

Another victim of this unfortunate incident was his wife, who managed to dodge death with no severe injuries. He was on the way to Laughlin, Nevada, with his third wife, Malika. Please stick with us to know more about his wife that survived, and also his ex-wives.

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Sam Kinison’s First Two Marriages

Sam Kinison’s first marriage took place in the year 1975. His first bride was Patricia Adkins. Not much is available about their relationship, but we are aware of the fact that they separated five years after their marriage. Following this divorce, he went on to marry his second wife, Terry Marze, in the year 1981. His second marriage lasted for around eight years before separating in the year 1989. According to multiple online sources, his first two marriages were difficult for the comedian.

Sam Kinison’s third and final marriage was with his wife, and her name is Malika Souiri (later Kinison). She was a dancer, and they began dating around the year 1990. An unfortunate event took place for the dancer as she claimed that one of Kinison’s bodyguards raped her while he was asleep. The bodyguard found himself in front of the judge, where he claimed that it was not rape but consensual sex instead. This deadlocked the trial, and the court later dropped the charges placed on him.

Sam continued dating Malika for around two years before finally advancing on to the next level in their relationship. They got married on 4 April 1992 at the Las Vegas-based Candlelight Chapel. Such a happy moment turned into a complete disaster six days later for the couple as he passed away in a road accident.

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Where is Malika Souiri Now?

Malika Souiri was mentally as well as physically injured due to the passing away of her husband Sam Kinison and from the injuries she suffered. She expressed her sadness as they exchanged their vows just six days earlier. However, she moved on with her life and went on to marry her husband, and his name is Paul Borghese. Their marriage took place on 10 September 1995, and they have been together ever since. Sadly, there is no reliable information available regarding the couple’s children. But we do know that she married Paul five years after Sam Kinison’s passing.


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