About Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson is an American convicted murderer who had murdered his wife Lasi and her unborn son so that, he was incarcerated in San Quentin State Prison.

Quick Info
Full NameScott lee Peterson
Date of Birth24 October 1972
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, U.S
Parent(s)Lee Peterson and Jackie Peterson
Partner(s)/Spouse(s)Laci Rocha in 1997(murdered by peterson)

Personal Life and Relationship

Scott Peterson whose real name is Scott lee Peterson was born on 24 October 1972 in San Diego, California, U.S. as a son of father, Lee Peterson and mother, Jackie Peterson. His father used to be a businessman who had owned a crate-packing company where his mother had owned boutique “The Put On”. He is the only child of them but had six siblings from his father’s side.

Peterson had married to Laci Rocha in 1997 where she had been murdered by Peterson in 2002.

Scott PetersonNationality and Physical Stats

Scott Peterson holds and American nationality and belongs to White ethnicity. Currently, he is 48 years old with the height of 1.83m. As he was born on 24 October, his zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Early Life and Education

Scott Peterson spent his childhood with his half-siblings where he used to share his bedroom with his half-brother John. As a child, he used to play golf where he was influence by his father. When he turned into 14, he became able to compete with his father and he can also beat him in the game. After that, he became interested to become professional golfer player where he had also the teammates at the University of San Diego High School where he was known as one of the top junior golfers in San Diego. Later, he went to attend Arizona State University in 1990 in which he had got a partial golf scholarship.

Further, he can go on to became a highly successful PGA golfer where his father had testified him for competition but Mickelson presented his son which discouraged Peterson. Peterson was also kick out from the team by his couch because Peterson used to take Chris out to have drinks and made him used to meet many girls. Later, he had decided to major in international business but resulted in changing his major to agriculture business. He was also told as a model student by his Professors.

Scott Peterson had also worked in the Pacific Café when he was at California Polytechnic. Later, he first met his wife at the restaurant which was around in mid-1994 where he was attracted by Laci and she gave her phone number to him. After meeting him, Laci told her mother about her love and whom she wanted to marry in her life.

Later, they began dating and their relationship became more series so that he decided to focus on his business career. After dating 2 years, they started to live together and when Laci graduated in the year of 1997, they got married. Before this, he was also in at least of two affairs where the names were not revealed. Later, he graduated with Bachelor of Science degree in June 1998 in agricultura business.

After the completing his graduation, he decided to open a sports bar where it was later stated that to open the bar his parents had gave him loan. Before, their business was growing slowly but later, it was good. Later, Laci also got the part-time job as a substitute teacher and he also had the job with Tradecorp U.S.A which is known as a newly founded subsidiary of a European company.

Scott Peterson was also hired in as West Coast representative in Spanish Company where he used to earn $5,000 a month before taxes. Later, Laci became pregnant in 2002 and when she was seven months pregnant, Peterson was introduced to Anber Frey who is a massage therapist. Later, Frey stated that, Peterson told her that he was single so that they started to have romantic relationship. Peterson’s parents had seen Laci at the time of weekend before Christmas.

Scott PetersonDisappearance of Lasi Peterson

When it was the time of December 23, 2002, Scott Peterson and Lasi had seen together in Salon at Lasi’s sister workplace for her haircut where Laci’s sister gave a fruit basket as a Christmas gift. Peterson told his friends that he was playing golf on Christmas Eve and then, in that night Lasi had also had a conversation with her mother on the telephone when the time of around 8:30.

Later, Peterson called the police to tell that his wife  was missing and he had saw her on December 24, 2002 and told to police that, he went to do fishing at that time. He had also stated that, his wife was watching cooking show and she was preparing to mop the floor and backed cookies and wanted to walk the family dog at that time. Later, their dog, McKenzie was found by their neighbor and he stated that, after fishing he became wet so that he took showered and washed his clothes.

Some news reported that Scott Peterson had called the police to tell his wife was missing and some news told that, Laci’s step father Ron Grantski called the police after Peterson called him. Lasi was seven an half month pregnant where they had decided to name their baby boy Conner but after she was missing, everyone was curious about her and what had happened to her. Investigator also investigated in his home where they became amazed with cool and relax behavior of Peterson and he even didn’t questioned to them.

Later, investigators investigate about relationship with other girls where Frey was also investigated by investigator and she revealed her call recording to police secretly and wherein record he had told her that he had to travel to Paris for Christmas.

Recovery of Laci and Conner’s remains

Later, on April 13, 2003, Lasi’s death body was found by couple who were walking their dog and their dog found the body. All the body parts were there but uterus was missing. After that, DNA test was done and it was confirmed that it was the body of Lasi and her unborn son. Later, they put traker on Peterson’s car so that they can they can know where he went. Later, it was confirmed by the investigation that Scott Peterson was murderer of Lasi and her unborn son.


Later, on April 18, 2003, he was arrested and he was known as first-degree murder of lasi and the second degree murder of Conner.

Scott PetersonMotive

Scott Peterson stated that he killed his wife because of his increasing debt and having affair with Frey where he wanted to single again.

Death Overturn

Later, on August 24, 2020, the Supreme Court of California gad overturned his death sentence.