Steelo Brim has garnered a lot of attention after appearing as the comedy television series Ridiculousness co-host. Furthermore, he has also become a topic for discussion among the fans after separating from his longtime girlfriend, Conna Walker.

The two of them were also looking forward to tying knots, but things fell apart for them before they could walk down the aisle. Following this breakup, he went on to date his current girlfriend. Please stick with us to know more about who the Fantasy Factory star is currently dating.

Steelo Brim
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Steelo Brim’s Relationship with Conna Walker

Steelo and Conna’s relationship began in the year 2015. The lovebirds enjoyed dating each other for over a year before Steelo finally decided to express his feelings.

He proposed to her and asked her to marry him, and she happily accepted. Following their engagement, Steelo shared his happiness through a flood of tweets on his Twitter account.

Moreover, Steelo would also share the beautiful moments of his relationship with Conna with his fans. He also asked his fans to suggest him a gift for her birthday.

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Things were going smoothly for the couple, and they were also deciding to exchange their wedding vows in February 2019.

Unfortunately, things began falling apart for Steelo and Brim, and they never got to experience the joy of tying knots with one another.

Instead, they deleted all of their tweets and pictures from social media accounts and finally confirmed that they were separating through his Twitter account.

Steelo Brim
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Who is Steelo Brim Dating Now?

Steelo Brim seems to have moved on following his breakup with Conna Walker. However, he has also let out several hints through his tweets regarding his new relationship.

One such instance was when he asked his followers why white people think Tobasco sauce is hot sauce. One of his followers replied and suggested he ask the person he dates. To This, he further replied that his girlfriend is black.

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Another such incident took place on 14 December 2020. He tweeted that he was trying to convince his girlfriend that Michael Jackson was a crip while watching The Way You Make Me Feel. 

He keeps letting out hints regarding his current sweetheart, but he has not yet shared her name. He has also not provided further details regarding her identity at the moment.

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