Michael Imperioli

About Michael Imperioli The power of the family is interdependence. A family member depends on another member for the united growth of the family. It is like a team. One who doesn’t complete a task is supported by another to complete. Family is like a vertebral column of a man. No matter how tough the […]

Taissa Farmiga

About Taissa Farmiga   Taissa Farmiga is an American actress labeled as a “contemporary scream queen” due to her roles in various seasons of “American Horror Story.” She made her film debut in 2011 after her sister Vera Farmiga persuaded her to act in “Higher Ground.” She was the voice behind Raven in “Justice League […]

Zachary Levi

About Zachary Levi   When the DC Extended Universe was failing, when most of its films weren’t doing well, “Shazam!” came as a breath of fresh air and fixed everything that the recent DC films got wrong. American actor/singer Zachary Levi Pugh makes the film what it is. He is the heart and soul of […]

Mel Gibson

Who is Mel Gibson?   Mel Gibson has done travelling for a lot of reasons. Some do it willingly, unwilling, or forcefully or due to compilation. But it’s all about destiny. People either gain or lose during the course of travelling whether it’s permanent or temporary. A new moment, days or life is waiting in […]