Jesse Sebastiani

Jesse Sebastiani is a Canadian YouTuber. He is well-known as one of the founding members of the Canadian YouTube channel and entertainment company, the Nelk Boys. The group consists of Jesse and his friends, and they are famous for pranking people. Please stick with us to know more about the YouTuber and his journey to […]

PJ Dreams

PJ Dreams is a Canadian YouTuber who has become a YouTube sensation after launching his ASMR page, “PJ Dreams ASMR.” PJ Dreams ASMR is well-known for his youtube schtick of role-playing as a doctor. On the other hand, he has 560K subscribers on his Youtube account. Early Bio & Education On October 13, 1999, PJ […]

Karlee Steel

Karlee Steel is a Canadian YouTuber. She is well-known in the media for her YouTube channel, which consists mainly of pranks and trolling videos. She is a self-made star, and she has many followers and subscribers on her social media platforms. Please stick with us to know more about the talent.   Biography and Early […]

Octavia May

Octavia May is from Canada and is a well-known fashion model, YouTuber, social media personality, Twitch player, and businesswoman. Octavia May is particularly famous for her Instagram postings and YouTube vlogs. Early life: Upbringings & Education On July 17, 1996, in Canada, Octavia May was born. She came from a Christian home. She is currently […]